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Does @StrateSQL Need a Unicorn Tattoo?

polar plunge unicorn jumpAs I mentioned in a post a couple weeks back, I’ll be jumping into Lake Calhoun in a few weeks as part of the Minnesota Polar Plunge.  For this event, they cut a hole in the ice and allow us brave souls to jump into the lake and play around for a minute.  And, by playing around, I mean we turn tail and get out of the water as fast as possible.

Last year, when I jumped, I wore my unicorn mask, and it was mostly awesome.  The un-awesome part was the effect of cold water on the mask itself, causing it to shrink and collapse in on itself.  Fortunately, drowning didn’t occur.  But overall, it was a great thing to wear and a number of people pulled me out of line to get a photo.

But let’s get to the reason you are reading this post:

Does @StrateSQL Need a Unicorn Tattoo?

If you answered yes, then here’s the deal.  For the right amount of pledges for the Polar Plunge jump, I’ll get a unicorn tattoo.  This would be a permanent tattoo in a location that I could reasonably show people at SQL Saturday and Summit events.  To make it worth it for both sides, if I raise at least $750 for myself and another $750 for my wife, Sarah, then the tattoo will happen.


Not only will you be able to help the Special Olympics through your pledges, you may also be able to be the reason I’ll be sporting a unicorn tattoo.  Sometimes a little motivation to make a fool of a community member can make things a bit more worth it.

If you want to pledge – you can pledge HERE for Jason and HERE for Sarah.  Remember, the deal is for both to raise at least $750.  Also, the cutoff for pledge is Feb 28, since the plunge is on March 1.

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