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September PASSMN Meeting Next Week

A LEGO man, aloneEver feel like you are all alone?  Maybe a little isolated?  This month’s PASSMN meeting might bring up these feelings a bit.  That’s because we will have Kalen Delaney (blog) in town talking about isolation and concurrency.

To help with these feelings of isolation.  We’ll even be meeting in a different place.  Changing things up to help set the mood a little bit more.  With the new location, we also won’t have internet access which means some of the fans that we usually have join us over the intertubes won’t be there to keep us company.

September Meeting Location

Alright, it’s not like that at all.  Our normal room at the Microsoft Offices got double booked.  So this month we’ll be meeting in the room above the Caribou across the skyway from our normal location.

8000 Norman Center Drive, 9th Floor, Bloomington, MN  55437


5:00 –5:15 : Announcements
5:25 –6:45 : Isolation vs Concurrency: What Are the Choices?
6:45 –7:00 : Survey Collection and Giveaways


As I mentioned, Kalen will be speaking and she’ll be speaking on the following topic:

Isolation vs Concurrency: What Are the Choices?

What does it mean to have data isolation? In this presentation, we’ll look at the four different ANSI isolation levels and the new one, Snapshot Isolation, added in SQL Server 2005 to see how much isolation each provides and what behaviors—such as Dirty Reads, Nonrepeatable reads, and Phantoms—are possible in each level. We’ll discuss what consistency might mean to your applications and what the trade-offs are as you choose a higher isolation level to enable greater isolation and consistency. We’ll also discuss the difference between the optimistic and pessimistic concurrency models and look at the relationship between isolation level and concurrency models to see how the various isolation levels work in either an optimistic or a pessimistic manner.


Help us plan for the meeting and RSVP here.

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