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SQL Server 2008 MCM Results

SQL Server 2008 MCM Results

3 weeks of intense training, intense studying, 3 written tests, and one 6 hour lab exam. And let me just say that 6 hours wasn't enough time to complete everything!! I came pretty darn close, but not quite complete. One person -- Brent Ozar (blog|twitter) -- did complete the exam early and another person completed shortly before time ran out. They both passed the lab exam and became certfied SQL Masters. One person was too sick to attend the last day. That left 8 of us working feverishly right up until the last minute.

Of those 8, only 2 would go on to become SQL Masters on the first attempt. It's impossible to tell how many passed the lab exams but all of the written tests, though we've been told in advance that the lab exam is the one that usually gets people. So 7 people will have 2 opportunities to retake the tests that they did not pass (or missed due to illness). After retakes (no extra charge), the pass rate jumps from 25-30% to 75-80%.

I received my results via email early this morning. I got up at 6:30 AM and the email had been sent at 5:40 AM which makes me believe that the program administrators had been up all night grading the labs to let us know ASAP. David and Joe, the program managers, are obviously very passionate about the MCM program.

Here are my results:

Test Results and Qualification Eligibility

During the Rotation there were three written exams and one lab exam.  A passing score on each exam was required to achieve the status of Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008.  Below are the results of your exams and subject scoring for any failed exams. 


Exam 1: You Passed.

Exam 2: You Passed.

Exam 3: You Passed.

Lab Exam: You Passed.

MSFT Certfied Master: SQL Server 2008


Posted by jncarter on 4 April 2010

That's awesome!  Congratulations!


Posted by Glenn Berry on 5 April 2010

Great work! That is definitely something to be very proud of.

Posted by Jason Brimhall on 5 April 2010

Awesome.  Congratulations.

Posted by Robert Davis on 5 April 2010

Thanks!! It was hard work but definitely worth it!!

Posted by Adam Machanic on 5 April 2010

Great job, Robert!!

Posted by Paul Randal on 5 April 2010

Well done Robert - it was a pleasure having you in the class!

Posted by Robert Davis on 5 April 2010

Thanks!! We owe our success in great part to the instructors we had!! I really enjoyed and learned a lot from the sessions that you two (Paul and Adam), Kimberly, and Greg Low did!!

Posted by Robert Miller on 5 April 2010

Excellent!  Glad to see that you passed.

Posted by Steve Jones on 5 April 2010

Congrats Robert! I posted a note on Twitter today as well, so you might get some more well wishers.

Posted by Dukagjin Maloku on 5 April 2010

Big Congrats Robert!

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