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User is prompted to login when viewing a report

A user has been added to a SSRS role for the report folder or report but is still prompted to login. This can happen if Internet Explorer isn't configured to persist the user's Windows login to Intranet sites.

To rectify this, in Internet Explorer open Tools > Internet Options > Security tab

Change the settings for the Local Intranet Zone by clicking Custom Level

Near the bottom of the list of settings under User Authentication, select the radio button for the option titled:
Automatic logon with current user name and password

Click OK to close and save the settings and then restart IE.

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Posted by xwayne on 17 August 2011

Hi.  This solution doesn't appear to work for me.

Here is my scenario....

I have installed a Silverlight 4 (SL) app on our client's server.  This application is accessed via the company Intranet.  I have assigned the Browser role in SSRS (Home > Folder Settings > New Role Assignment) to the user under which the SL app runs (IIS > Application Pools) -- even tried assigning all Roles to this user.  I have added the user group that all domain users are in to SSRS and assigned the Browser Role.  Still, the first time a report is requested from the SL app the user is prompted for a login.

I am using Windows Server 2008 r2, Sql Server Express 2008 r2, client machines are Win 7 or XP (SP3).  I have run into this in the past but it is now a HUGE issue.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Posted by xwayne on 17 August 2011

Correction to previous post: I just added the site to my Trusted Sites in IE and made sure I had "Automatic logon with the current user name and password" checked Custom Level.  Now I can run my app, select a report, and I am not prompted for a login anymore. I have VMs on the same domain and that is how I am testing.  I have not tested on out client's network yet but I am hopeful.

I had to add the site to Trusted Sites and set the custom level. Setting the custom level for either Internet or Local Intranet has not worked for me.  But I think our clietn can make a group policy and push these settings to thier client machines.  BTW: This is an IE-only solution.

Posted by xwayne on 17 August 2011

Oh, yeah.  Made the same change on my machine, which is not on the domain and is accessing the website from outside the network.  It works from my machine, too !!  Hope this helps someone else.

Posted by xwayne on 17 August 2011

The reason it worked on my machine (not on the domain) was because I had credentials saved in the Windows Credential Manager (Control Panel > User Accounts > Manager your credentials).

So, still a cool thing to be able to enter my credentials once then be able to hit SSRS on an external website without having to log in again (credentials must be added to SSRS).  I think when you log on to a site and click the Remember Me option it might save your credentials to your machine (???).

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