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Happy Memorial Day - Freedom is Never Free!

Well, as all folks in the United States know, this weekend we celebrate Memorial Day, Monday May 26, 2014.  While many of us who will enjoy this extended long weekend with our family and friends, barbecues, picnics, amusement parks, shopping and the beach, we should take a moment to remember why we here celebrate the day. 

Memorial Day is a US federal holiday wherein the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces are remembered. The holiday is celebrated every year on the final Monday of May.

Maybe I'm just feeling a bit patriotic, but it should have greater meaning for all of us (around the world). I wrote this little poem to remind us to take a moment to remember why we ultimately enjoy our freedom and are able to celebrate in the manner that we do.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all my friends, followers, colleagues and clients in the USA.  May peace be upon us!  Thanks for reading:

When you fire up the grill, as you surely will
Or sit on the beach out in the sun,
Remember the day, that our freedom was won.

Remember the soldiers present and past,
Who answered the call of duty so fast
To protect our nation, and secure our shores
To ensure by our doorstep that there were no wars

Every corner of the globe far and near
Our troops went bravely and showed no fear
They fought valiantly in war and preserved the peace
And must always remain vigilent and never cease

We lead the world then, and lead the world now,
And never cowered, from any shot across our bow
A show of strength, no sign of weakness
Should not define our show of meekness

When war was raging in distant places
They rised to the challenge, and times of chaos
They sacrificed themselves in body and soul
That our children at home would never know

The horrors of war and dictators hell bent
On destroying the world that the Good Lord lent
No matter the sacrfice, no price too high
To keep us safe, and value our pride

Our brave men and women who choose to serve our nation's cause
Deserve our respect, and should compel us to pause
On this Memorial Day, we owe it to them to see
And realize while we enjoy, that freedom is never free



Posted by rdw2 on 25 May 2014

My dad went from being a "Flying Sargent" to being a Major in the Air Force before his retirement.  I grew up in "an Air Force Family", as the saying went.  Therefore, I knew first-hand the sacrifices made by not only my father but the rest of those with whom he served . . . some of whom died in the service to their country (even in the so-called "peace-time" of the 1950's and '60's).  

Memorial Day is a _very_ special day for me . . . I never fail to call my dad and thank him for what he went through flying B26's over Europe and unarmed AT-6's as a FAC over Korea, to say nothing of the rest of his service.  I also thank every member of the military services and, especially, the veterans that I meet anywhere I meet them.

Thank you for your poem.

Posted by Hugo Shebbeare on 27 May 2014

Indeed, Lest we forget!

Posted by Aaron N. Cutshall on 27 May 2014

Thank you for reminding everyone of the real reason for Memorial Day!  It's not just an excuse to have a long weekend.  It's to honor those who paid for our freedom with the ultimate price -- their lives.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to those who served this country and those who currently serve.

-- A fellow veteran

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