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Happy Halloween! A TALE OF THE SCARY DBA! - Reblog


Today, October 31, 2013 is Halloween, and in the spirit of the holiday of ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks, I just couldn’t resist, to bring you a short Halloween poem to roast one of our favorite SQL DBAs, Grant Fritchey (blog|twitter), aka the SCARY DBA.  This is actually a re-blog from back from SQLSaturday #59 in NYC, when I first introduced him in my speaker interview series.  Below is the little Halloween Poem, but if you want to see the whole interview, the original Speaker Interview#14 is here.  Then he was just a mere DBA at some insurance company, now he's Red-Gate Product Evangelist! Please now enter the realm of suspended disbelief as I present a tall Tale of the Scary DBA!  Thanks, again Grant for making great material ;-)


It was a dark and stormy night,  bats

As all these stories go.

The sky was grey, the pale-like moon so low


I was to meet him here, in this abandoned hole

What to expect, I did not know.

I waited and waited, and a little bit frantic

When I asked for this interview, he said my wish had been Granted.


Suddenly the silence was shattered, with a thunderous boom;

I backed away against a door that led to this room.

I started to shiver, and cower in fear;                                                                                   

As a scary looking dude emerged from the rear.                              cat01


I began to run, down the hallway in haste

But he started right after me, and picked up the pace      

I came to a stairway, but there were no stairs

Floating in the air was a table and two chairs


My limbs went numb; I was in some kind of fog

If I die now, who will post to the PearlKnows blog?

The address was clear; I knew this must be the place

And now, out of the shadows, I began to see his face.


I turned around to make my escape,hh

But alas it was over, it was, too late

A hand on my shoulder, a fear like no equal

A voice begun, come on mate, let’s go talk about Sequel


I wiped the sweat from my brow, and feeling quite itchy

I sighed in relief, when I knew it was Grant Fritchey J

This has been one crazy strange weird day,

So, let’s continue my tale, With the Scary DBA!


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