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SQL MVP Available for Database Needs....

Recently, I wrote about and introduced us to, SQLBif, a caricature of a SQL DBA who was down on his luck, who was in between jobs and somewhat stuck on the next level of his career.  SQLBif was based on a real person, a colleague of mine in the SQL Server Community, who found him/herself in a rut, and well, felt disappointed in the SQL Community – read “When SQL Community Disappoints” – due to all of volunteer work, blogging and connections, but couldn’t find a job.  In the end, through the power of #sqlfamily, SQLBif found a new job, and  so, SQLBif had a newfound confidence in the SQLCommunity again.  And I wrote about that in my follow-up blog, SQLCommunity Redeemed... 

The point of the follow-up was, to give an update on SQLBif, and also to capture the character of SQLBif, who is really a symbol of all the folks who end up, by circumstances or no fault of their own, end up in between jobs or projects.  We have all at one time or another, been in SQLBif’s shoes before.

However, I never feel disappointed in sharing with the SQLCommunity, nor helping those learn and network with each other, and even assisting them getting a job or project. That part of me does indeed have satisfaction when someone else benefits from my experience and knowledge sharing.

So, what is the point of this blog?  Well, turns out this SQL MVP is NOW AVAILABLE for any and all of your database needs.  A major project that I counted on didn’t quite materialize as I had planned, and so until the next one, I’m trying to stay away from street corners and subway cars with hat in hand.

I don’t know how long it will take for me to get my next “gig”, and hope that its REAL SOON, but I did want to let you know that if you know of any projects or you feel your company can benefit from my services, I am here for you!

So, yeah, I write about SQL stuff, so what exactly is it that I do?  According to the summary profile on my resume, I am a “Microsoft SQL MVP and Senior Database Administrator with a proven track record in application development, system architecture & design,  performance tuning and database administration, as well as a skilled project leader who is team-oriented, and works well on solo initiatives, as demonstrated over a decade and a half (that’s 15 years) of experience in the management of critical database operations”  I may need to update that, but basically, I’ve done A to Z in the database world.

I’m open to long and short-term projects.  If you need any expert advice or consulting for SQL Server upgrades, migrations, high availability/disaster recovery, consolidation, virtualization, standardization and automation, monitoring, performance tuning and optimization,  project management /strategic planning, best practice recommendations, etc., etc. don’t hesitate to drop me an email rsp05@pearlknows.com , or via Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/rpearl , or twitter @Pearlknows.  If you’ve followed me, you know where to find me.  You can even check out my website at http://www.pearlknows.com

One of the things that so many folks need, but don’t realize, is the PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT.  This is something I’ve done quite successfully for so many clients, vendors, companies, etc.  Basically, I come in, usually REMOTE, for a 3-day performance engagement which is essentially a comprehensive health check of your SQL Server, and I identify any and all potential areas of concern and improvement, and make best practice recommendations on how to improve the performance and security of your SQL Server.  Basically, think of sending your SQL Server to the doctor for a check-up!  And the end of this period, I produce a nice formatted and easy-to-understand report, at which point you can say a)thanks and see ya!; b)review with you and your team, fellow dba’s, managers, etc. and work with you to implement some of the recommendations.; or c) you can further engage my services to implement best practices, tune queries, change settings, etc.  No obligation.  So, even if you don’t know of any projects or need for a highly qualified DBA resource, you may want to consider to at least do a Performance Assessment/Health Check as I have described.  At least you can keep me in the game J

While I don’t often use this blog space for my own self promotion, I did want to let you know that I am available for you, and hope that the SQLCommunity will come through for me, as it has SQLBif.

And if you're wondering how I still feel about SQLCommunity, I'll see you all at SQLSaturday#158 in NYC, where I'll be wearing many hats, but also giving a presentation on Much Ado About Indexes, where I will offer some practical tips and tricks on a wide-array of Index Analysis methods that will allow you to find out everything about a client's indexes and were afraid to ask!  I’ll also be giving away some SQL Server books as well!

Thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you!


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