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SQL Server 2012 Special Ops Tour - NYC

Tomorrow, Thursday, March 22, 2012, the official Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Special Ops Tour continues its 12-city trek around  the country, stopping in NYC at the Sheraton 811 7th Avenue , from 1:30 PM - 5:15 PM EDT.  Learn more about the tour here: http://specialops.sqlpass.org/

Hopefully, if you're in the NYC area, you'll already have registered, as the tour will play to a SOLD OUT crowd.  Of course, home of Broadway and the Theatre District, one would expect a sold out crowd, and the SQL Server 2012 tour is no different, except, that it's FREE. 

This exciting and fun launch of SQL Server 2012, has been touted by Microsoft, and PASS  with all the buzz of high drama and intrigue in a cross between Mission Impossible and James Bond!  The key Microsoft operatives, Dandy Weyn , aka the Belgian,  John "JG" Chirapurath aka, The Rooster, Matthew Roche, aka The Rocker, Sandrine Skinner, aka The Wizard, have taken to our fair cities to uncover the secrets of SQL Server 2012. Seems a rogue agent has been planted, or so we think,  The Belgian, who single handedly must be stopped or else.  You can still view episodes1-4, revealing the plot by going to http://specialops.sqlpass.org/Episodes.aspx#fbid=-wMTBPEjUC5.

So, I will be there tomorrow, and you may be surprised if I show up as a Man-in-Black, since certain local operatives have been stationed to catch up with, the Belgian!  I look forward to seeing Mr. Weyn and other operatives there.  SQL MVP Hilary Cotter will also be on hand, as well as local NYC SQL User Group leader, Joe Lax, as emcee.

If you see a guy talking about Business Continuity and SQL Server 2012, you may want to check if Agent Pearl is in the house ;-).  Since the whole thing is all mysterious black-ops, I'm not sure what to expect.  Did you hear the joke about a Belgian, a Rocker, a Rooster and a Wizard walks into the Sheraton?  Well, this is NYC, and especially in the Times Square Area, anything is possible! But most off all, be sure to attend all the break-out sessions, and check out the information-packed agenda:



1:30 - 2:30 PM
SQL Server 2012 – The New World of Data
SQL Server 2012 as the Mission Critical, cloud-enabled Data Platform, ready for the world of BigData. Learn about SQL Server 2012, as the Mission Critical, cloud-enabled Data Platform, ready for the world of BigData. We’ll introduce SQL Server 2012 key pillars: Mission Critical Evidence, Breakthrough Insights and Cloud on Your Terms. You will learn how SQL will enable mission critical confidence at a low TCO, and be introduced to the Fast Time to Solution scenarios with SQL Server Appliances, Developer Tools and blazing fast performance.

2:30 - 3:15 PM
Introduction to SQL Server 2012 AlwaysON – Availability Groups
In this session, you’ll learn how to configure and implement SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability groups. We’ll explore the architecture, concepts, and steps for configuring High Availability in SQL Server 2012.

3:15 - 3:30 PM

3:30 - 4:15 PM
Self-Service BI using PowerPivot and PowerView
Discover the new capabilities of PowerPivot and Power View in SQL Server 2012, allowing people from all levels of the organization to unlock new insights with pervasive data discovery across structured, unstructured and cloud data resources, backed by self-service managed B.I. We’ll dive deep into the technical underpinnings and integration with SharePoint and Excel for rapid data exploration and visualization.

4:15 - 4:45 PM
Understanding Microsoft Training & Certifications for Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Are you interested in becoming certified in SQL Server? Do you already hold a SQL certification and wonder about getting certified in the new program? In this session, Pete Harris will provide an overview of the certifications and training offered by Microsoft for SQL Server 2012. We’ll discuss the value of being certified, and then discuss the different certifications, upgrade paths and the related training options offered by Microsoft Learning.

4:45 - 5:15 PM
In Summary
15 minute session to go over the highlights + QA 


Here is the storyline:

"The time to activate is now. In anticipation of the upcoming launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2012, we're engaging in a pre-launch tour especially for DBAs. Be a part of this highly anticipated event! Join us for our 12-city road tour where Microsoft experts and local DBAs will show you the power of SQL Server 2012. At the Tour stop in your city, you will:

  • Dive deep into the tools, solutions and options that will enable mission critical confidence at a low TCO
  • Discover breakthrough insight with pervasive data discovery
  • Learn options to create & scale your current business solutions by managing the cloud on your terms
  • Preview RC0 with tips and tricks to help you succeed, & build your learning plan for certification  

Secure your credentials. Block your calendars. This one you won’t want to miss."

Look forward to seeing you all there.  Special Agent Pearl, out!


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