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There is another.....LinchPin People names its new partners!

I wanted to follow-up on the partner announcement of the great new concept and venture, started by my friends and sql compatriots , Andy Leonard and Brian Moran, who have added two new Partners to the LinchPin People lineup.  Fresh from the first official Linchpin Summit,  Mr. Mike Walsh has pulled the LinchPin out of the grenade and told the world, what some quietly in the SQL Community already knew, that he has joined ranks with Andy and Brian to become one of the two new partners of this fantastic endeavor.  Not to spoil the plot for myself, as Master Yoda was about to "join" the force, told a young Luke Skywalker - there is another :-)  And so, many were trying to figure out who the "other" Partner (Jedi?) is.  Well, wonder no more! 

After many months of discussions, wining, dining, and romanticizing (our original announce date was supposed to be Valentine's Day - hehe), I have decided to become a LinchPin People too, and join as a Partner. If you haven't been paying attention (to subtle clues), it was back last spring & summer, that I invited Andy and Brian to bring the SQLPeople Inspire event to the Big Apple, NYC.  On the heels of this successful event, we got to talking about Linchpin, and found out that many of our ideas were conceptually compatible. 

You'll be hearing a lot about this venture, as we unfold our plans to dominate the world - just kidding - we seek to continue to serve the SQL Community, and grow the practice in many ways.  So, what's this all about?  Well, Mike has written an excellent blog post on his joining the company, and I'm pretty much in synch with his reasons for joining as well, except for the part where he says he'll make a better partner - again kidding  :P.  You can see Mike's announcement on his blog "I've Joined Linchpin People"

Mike explains not only the LinchPin model, and its foundation, but also what a "Partner" means, and how will it affect our own entrepreneurial endeavors, independent consulting companies, blogging and community involvement.  As he wrote, nothing much will change in that regard.  Pearl Knowledge Solutions, Inc.,will still be very much viable, and continue to offer SQLCentric monitoring and managed services.  Pearlknows will continue to thrive, tweet, blog, evangelize and promote the SQLCommunity & events, and stay a big part of the #sqlfamily.  And in time, you too will learn the ways of the Linchpin Model. :-)

I feel really excited about this awesome endeavor to create a unique business model that encourages growth, entrepreneurship, apprenticeship, and individualism, while drawing upon strength in numbers of an assembled team of SQL Server professionals and experts - from junior to MVP. 

We look forward to reaching out to everyone to share more about this soon.  Again, Mike has a great piece that accurately describes the LinchPin model.

I do want to thank Andy and Brian for giving me this excellent opportunity, and look forward to working with them and Mike!  And thanks for the new Linchpin People Shirt! ;-)


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