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Renaming or Changing SQL Server Cluster Instance

Renaming or Changing SQL Server cluster instance process is bit different from renaming a stand-alone instance.

Refer : Rename or Change SQL Server Standalone Default Instance https://mssqlfun.com/2014/06/30/rename-or-change-sql-server-standalone-default-instance/)

Refer : Rename or Change SQL Server Standalone Named Instance (https://mssqlfun.com/2014/07/29/rename-or-change-sql-server-standalone-named-instance/)

The name of the virtual server is always the same as the name of the SQL Network Name (the SQL Virtual Server Network Name). You can change the name of the virtual server, you cannot change the instance name like in the case of standalone named instance. You can change a virtual SQL server named SQLServerinstance1 to some other name, such as SQLServerNewinstance1, but the instance part of the name, instance1, will remain unchanged.

Rename a virtual server :-

1. Using Cluster Administrator, change the SQL Network Name or SQL Server DNS Name to the new name.

2. Take the network name resource offline. This takes the SQL Server resource and other dependent resources offline as well.

3. Bring the SQL Server resource back online.

Verify the Renaming Operation :-

1) Using @@ServerName

2) Using sys.servers

Minimize network propagation delay :-

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /registerdns

nbtstat –RR

You are done ! You should ask your application teams to reconnect with new Name or if they are using IP address then no changes required.

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Reference : Rohit Garg (https://mssqlfun.com/)


I, Rohit Garg, am working as Consultant in IT Company. I am having an around 5 years of experience in MSSQL server & other Microsoft technologies. I am working as DBA in Microsoft SQL Server from last 5 years in e-Commerce, Telecom, Finance domain. In this tenure, I got a chance of working as Database administrator, Developer and trainer on SQL server 2000 to SQL Server 2012. I am holding Master’s degree in Computer Science along with certification in SQL Server & .Net. I like to learn new things by hand-on experience on regular basis. This journey is so far is delightful & valuable with the addition of wonderful friends.


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