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Colorado SQL - June 2012

All ColoradoSQL user group meetings start at 5:30 p.m. and provide food and refreshments.  There is no cost to attend so bring a co-worker . . . or two.  These events provide for great learning opportunities as well as networking with other SQL Server Professionals.



Third Tuesday (June 19)


Market Force

248 Centennial Parkway, Suite 150

Louisville, CO  80027


Presentation 1:

Title:  Training a Busy SQL Agent

You have a busy server with 50 or more jobs defined, and roughly 40 of them are enabled.  You need to bring the server down for some important maintenance (say add a new disk, add memory, reboot due to software install, etc.)  You notice that a good half of th ejobs are executing and others are being kicked off every few minutes.  Whenever you wait for a job to finish, others have started.  How do you bring this server down without killing any of the running jobs?

?Presenter?:  Paul Paiva (blog), Chief Architect, CoCreative Solutions

Paul has 17 years experience with Microsoft SQL Server.  He has worked in the roles of production DBA, database developer, database architect, applications developer, business intelligence and data warehouse developer, and instructor for students aspiring for MCDBA certification.  He has performed numerous data migrations and supported large databases (3 Terabyte, 1+ billion rows) with high transactions.  Presently he is an independent SQL Server consultant with CoCreative Solutions.  He is a member of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS), blogs about lessons learned form a developer's approach to SQL Server administration, and has been the president of the BoulderSQL Server Users' Group for 3+ years.

?Presentation 2:

Title:  Top 12 Performance Enhancements in 2012

This presentation will go over the Top 10 enhancements and/or new features in SQL Server 2012 to increase the performance of your database.  You will get a good overview on which options may be a good fit for you and which will not work in every environment as well as some key things to be on the lookout for when using these.

?Presenter:  Kathy Gibbs, Senior Database Administrator, Confio Software

Kathy has over 19 years of IT work experience and over 13 years of DBA experience including architecting, design, development, implementation, monitoring and disaster recovery of databases.  Before starting with Confio, Kathy worked in the critical OLTP and OLAP databases.  Kathy excels as being a liaison between technical and end-users management teams to provide solutions.



Third Wednesday (June 20)


Hyatt Place - Garden of the Gods

503 West Garden of the Gods Road

Colorado Springs, CO  80919


?Presentation 1: 

?Title:  What Your Developer Friends Already Know About Windows 8

Windows 8 is a big deal.  The changes for the user interface are significant, but the impact on software development might be bigger.  Microsoft developers are working hard to grab onto the new paradigm of app development.  For non-developers, what are you missing out on learning?  Here's your chance to catch up.

?Presenter:  Jerry Nixon (blog / twitter)

Jerry Nixon is a Microsoft Developer Evangelist in Colorado.  He has been developing and designing on the Microsoft platform for 15 years.  He speaks at universities, events and groups on Kinect, XAML, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.  Most of Jerry's days are spent teaching his three daughters Star Trek character backstories and episode plots.



Third Thursday (June 21)



7595 Technology Way, Suite 400

Denver, CO  80207


Presentation 1:

?Title:  Lockdown!  Securing Your Services

HOST/SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$HOST$MSSQLSERVER???  It's ok, you aren't the only one that's tried to make sense out of all these.  In this talk, we will discuss what options are available for your SQL Server services and security best practices that might be worth implementing in your organization.  This presentation follows past experiences, epiphanies . . . maybe even some frustrations . . . in switching to minimally privileged service accounts.

?Presenter:  Brandon Tucker 

Over the past six years, Brandon has explored SQL Server as a developer, administrator, and consultant.  After graduation school, he has translated his academic knowledge base into real-world scenarios in the financial, health insurance, education, and transportation industries.  Brandon has presented at Code Camps/User Groups in multiple states and was elected as VP of Events for DSSUG in 2010.  When not pounding away on a keyboard, Brandon can be found wandering the globe in search of great music, beers, views, and experiences.

Presentation 2:

?Title:  SQL Server on VMware???

Many of our customers are either virtualizing databases or planning to do so soon.  I hear from many groups that attempted running their database on VMware but went back to physical hardware because of performance issues.  There are many reasons this may have happened, but quite often the decision to go back to physical was not based on hard facts.  This presentation will explore the fundamentals of monitoring databases running in a VMware environment.  If you are using classic O/S monitoring tools, you may be getting misleading data.  Understand what metrics are important and how to get the data.

?Presenter:  Kathy Gibbs, Senior DBA, Confio Software

Kathy has over 19 years of IT work experience and over 13 years of DBA experience, including architecting, design, development, implementation, monitoring, and disaster recovery of databases.  Before starting with Confio, Kathy worked in the critical OLTP and OLAP databases.  Kathy excels as being a liaison between technical and the end-users management teams to provide solutions.


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Marc Beacom

Marc Beacom – MCTS (BI, Dev), Principal Architect and Owner at DawaBI, has over 15 years of technical and business experience. DawaBI focuses on Making Data-Driven Decisions Possible by delivering user friendly and scalable data warehouse and business intelligence solutions. Marc is an active volunteer within the community and currently is co-organizer of the Colorado GiveCamp, served a year as a PASS Regional Mentor and served five years on the leadership board for the Denver and Colorado Springs SQL Server User Groups.


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