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Database Administration Literature Criticism

What is literature? I find this definition is pretty intuitive at http://classiclit.about.com/od/literaryterms/g/aa_whatisliter.htm and also this one is more comprehensive at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literature

I'd like to borrow / simplify the "literature" definition to define the term "database administration literature" as:

Database administration literature refer to any written text (in paper or in digital form) and any presentations / talks (in video or in audio form) that are dedicated to database administration technology and practices.
So "database administration literature criticism" means "criticizing the database administration literature works in a defined framework so the potential literature consumers can be better informed and guided in understanding the works and the justified criticism can also help to cultivate a high quality publishing environment for db administration literature"

From this definition perspective, we have tons of SQL Server database administration literature works, including books, blogs, white papers, webcasts, podcast and conference presentations etc. Out of all these works, quality-wise, they are different to me in terms of technical width/depth, writing style, difficulity to understand, and usefullness to real world work etc. I always think to myself, "There are many MVPs on each SQL Server subject, like replication, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS and administration etc, but why is there no single MVP who is an expert in SQL Server database administration literature criticism?"

With database administration playing a more critical role in the corporation world, we need better database administration literature works to promote the quality of the knowledge and skills for current db administration professionals and also to cultivate a "nutritious" environment for prospect DBAs. To achieve this goal, we need professional critics who can propose theories and standards to evaluate the quality of literature works, to compare and appreciate authors' works and to provide thought-provoking comments (whether subjective or objective) that will benefit all stakeholders, including authors, readers/users, and publishers.

If I want to rent a movie, I usually read some reviews and comments somewhere to decide which movie to rent, but in SQL Server world, before I decide to buy a reference book, I have to go to a bookstore to read several real books before I can make my decision. If I can rely on some trusted SQL Server critics, I probably could make better decisions. Maybe PASS, as somewhat an official DBA "union", needs to promote / fund some projects that will see some serious db adminstration critics being "born" out of these projects.


Posted by Anonymous on 19 April 2009

Another excellent blogger here on SSC, Jeffery Yao, has posted up an interesting idea  http://www

Posted by Anonymous on 6 December 2009

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