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A Special Belated Happy Canada Day to Leader of the Official Opposition


Dearest Michael Ignatieff, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Official Leader of the Opposition,

First of all, 'appy appy Birthday Kanadaa' to you (in reply to your FB Video), in the worlds of our former great Liberal Prime Minister, the Right Honourable Jean Chretien, recipient of the most prestigious Order of Merit.

Very glad you had a chance to discuss affairs of State with our Sovereign yesterday - she is quite an intelligent woman, and we all benefit from the felicity in which she maintains throughout the Commonwealth.  She is amongst the most inspiring female leaders of the modern/post-modern age without question. I was also happy that you pointed out her continuity since the époch of United Kingdom’s P.M. Churchill (who was aided heavily by Eddie Marsh, KCVO, just in case you’d like a ‘deep dive’ into one of the Greatest Britons in history), of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, and that she is Canada's Queen too, unlike Yahoo Canada's unskilled reporting that it is "Britain's Queen" visiting or Radio-Canada stating that she is only 'la Reine d'Angleterre'. Her Majesty is undeniably living overseas, as the Mop and Pail reports, but is however, firmly imbedded in the Canadian Constitution and Society: and she obviously cares about Canada, there are too many examples to mention. Just naming Chretien to a distinguished and honourable group of just under twenty-five people should be proof to Quebeckers how much she loves French Canadians additionally.

Third point I’d like to mention (hoping you read all these crackbook comments or the blog post I left there), are regarding the current threats to the Rule of Law, and Free Flow of Information (the right for the public to know) within the current Harper-controlled Government Bureaucracy, which you and the rest of the said Party are valiantly fighting against on the floor of the House of Commons: what long term solution do you think would fit into ‘best practices’ because I do have a solution for this based on the efforts of the current U.K. Information Commissioner Christopher Graham (please see these Blog posts of Dec 2009 & April 2010 regarding his indefatigable work). I was very curious, Master Ignatiieff, if you would entertain establishing a Federal Information Commissioner's Office in Montreal? Because here it needs a load of work (my approach is to attack the worst problems first, to re-establish Canada-wide financial reporting reliability), after my unfortunate experience of mistreatment at the Caisse de Defauts (CDPQ), to ensure Private and Public Data are properly managed (security, integrity, appropriate usage, compliance with Bill C-198 – please see ico.gov.uk for more concrete examples).

Lastly, I would like to let you know, openly, that I am supporting Liberal Party Candidate Phillipe Allard in the Laurier Saint Marie riding (Currently held by MP Gilles Duceppe), and was very happy to chant during his 24 hour campaign in Montreal at Beaudry Metro – ‘Aidez-nous à mettre dehors Stephen Harper!‘ Instead of your ‘It’s time to go’ statement, I believe asking voters directly to help us get rid of a person (because honestly, that is a wee bit too boy-scout asking him to leave) who gives the impression of running our country like his fiefdom, is in contempt of Parliament, restricts the free flow of information as if it is normal to keep Canadians in the dark (censorship, short census forms), is a far more compelling call to action. In fact, Phil’s leaflets immediately started being picked up at a much higher pace by passers by on Ste-Catherìne’s street that hot June 12th afternoon 2-4pm, where I met a very happy Denis Coderre briefly also. Just missed Justin by a few hours though L

I believe it is time for the intelligencia types, those who have lived outside of Canada too, such as yourself, as was/is Trudeau (but note he won over QC because he had his feet in both Nations, as well as the Norman heritage, and unless you find recent ‘de souche’ lineage in your family, you will never be able to win over QC, sorry, that’s just the way it is here), to step up to the plate and save Canada from these Misfits in Parliament, who do not honour the values they repetitively and openly stated should be upheld by those holding public office beforehand, nor should we allow the ‘Bluenecks’ in QC who don’t respect their own laws either (the extreme is the RRQ indirectly funded by the BQ, who chant in the streets ‘Anglos Go Home’ although we have lived here for hundreds of years). 

Back to the cash…best point for last: It’s time for us to bring back this multi-nation state to a level of financial Hypocrisy that is in the tens of millions (Sponsorship scandal was nothing, and there will be always ‘some’ govt waste, when compared to the $47BN lost at the Caisse de Dépôt in QC: GroupAxion is a joke), and not in the tens of Billions of dollars. I state on my blog several times, and I maintain still under the most greatest certainty (since I was a witness to it all at the CDPQ myself, for eight months before the greatest loss ever for that institutionalised pension fund manager, and have testified to much of this at public hearings at the Commission des relations du travail (Workplace Relations Commission) in May, June of this year – Awaiting Judges’ decision now) that this is the greatest financial duplicity in Canadian history!

And, what’s more, we can attack these already fiscally irresponsible Canadian NeoCons with the joke of having ex-QC Finance Minister Monique Jérôme-Forget (who I informed of LaCaisse.com – CDPQ’s internal audit failure in Spring 2009, followed by her complete inaction, as well as Premier Charest’s complete inaction – because his attaché was the person who confirmed my message to them both) being requested to aid the Federal Conservative Govt by means of the Economic Advisory Council! I can predict, by the hunch of direct experience, a greater financial disaster for Canada if you do not act up now and bring this to the public light.  Currently, the l’Association Québécois des retraités publique et parapublique (QC retiree association: AQRP), with it’s fifteen thousand signatures demanding a public inquiry, have been so openly attacking the QC Deposit and Investment Fund (aka CDP Capitol) for months, that I contacted them recently and I hope that once the holidays are over, we publically expose much of the mismanagement within that institution with a clear head and under video camera and by means of a huge stack of evidence, since I have not one, but two QC-based Commissions already backing me up, having validated everything thoroughly for months and months each.  Basically, since I am in a 20 months of litigation with the CDPQ, and know all too well how these disasters pan out, I hope sincerely, that you can CARPE DIEM with respect to the Minister of Finance seeking Mrs. Forget’s aide with this Economic Advisory Council (because we all know this is just the Conservative Clan patting each other's back), which after the mega financial loss to QC’s retirement and investments is completely unacceptable. For those who complained about Sabia taking over the Caisse (all the local francophone press whinged about this), and claimed he shouldn’t have even made the list for CEO, then to say for Monique Jérôme-Forget it's okay to not watch over the Caisse during disaster of 2008 is yet another huge example of hyporcrisy à la Québecoise

Please do not hesitate to contact me, or have one of your aides verify this story via the newspapers, blogs and the AQRP.qc.ca website.  I Stand on Guard for Canada, and to me that means publically ripping the guts out of the separatist bullies (rhetorically, never physically), and their most precious, yet again faulty, unlawful institution, the Caisse de Dépôt et Placement du Québec. The greatest reason for the tranquil decline of Quebec with respect to internal and external investment, are QC’s sovereigntist extremist faction which often finds save-haven within the Provincial Government: so inebriated on their dream, and boiling over with passion, that they have forgotten to manage the security, risk and integrity of money that they should be taking precious care of - undeniable proof is the record loss of retirement funds in QC (after two PQiste failed referendums), with ultimately nobody responsible, even former CEO Henri-Paul Rousseau stating, as an excuse in the Spring of 2009 at the Montreal Chamber of Commerce, that there was no ceiling to that investment type (in reference to the Commercial Paper Fiasco, estimated at $13BN of loss), as well as blaming $47BN in losses as a result of the ‘perfect storm’ without admitting the truth about the lack of Risk Management, which was even confirmed later on by the current QC Finance Minister Raymond Bachand, once he read what PricewaterhouseCoopers and McKinsey Consulting had documented.

Thank you, I believe I have done my best to enlighten you enough with this information which burdens me since the Fall of 2008,


Hugo Shebbeare


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