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PASS 2011 Summit Abstract Submissions

Today is the last day to submit session abstracts for the PASS 2011 Summit.  I was lucky enough to speak at PASS in 2009 and in 2010, so I hope my luck will continue. I submitted two sessions last night, and I plan on submitting at least two more sessions before the deadline expires tonight at midnight.  Here are my two submitted sessions:

Hardware 301: Diving Deeper into Database Hardware

Making the right hardware selection decisions is extremely important for database scalability. Having properly sized and configured hardware can both increase application performance and reduce capital expenses dramatically. Unfortunately, there are so many different choices and options available when it comes to selecting hardware and storage subsystems, it is very easy to make bad choices based on outmoded conventional wisdom. This session will give you a framework for how to pick the right hardware and storage subsystem for your workload type. You will learn how to evaluate and compare key hardware components, such as processors, chipsets, and memory. You will also learn how to evaluate and compare different types of storage subsystems for different database workload types. This session will give you the knowledge you need to make sure you get the best performance and scalability possible from your hardware budget!


DMV Emergency Room!

If you have ever been responsible for a mission critical database, you have probably been faced with a high stress, emergency situation where a database issue is causing unacceptable application performance, resulting in angry users and hovering managers and executives. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, thank your lucky stars, but start getting prepared for your time in the hot seat. This session will show you how to use DMV queries to quickly detect and diagnose the problem, starting at the server and instance level, and then progressing down to the database and object level. Based on the initial assessment of the problem, different types of DMV queries will help you narrow down and identify the problem. This session will show you how to assemble and use an emergency DMV toolkit that you can use to save the day the next time a sick database shows up on your watch in the Database ER!


Posted by Dukagjin Maloku on 4 May 2011

Good luck again in PASS Summit 2011!

DMV Emergency Room - I think it has interesting stuff and you will tell the audience lot of other professional details about DMVs.

Posted by Martin Catherall on 5 May 2011

These both sound good, but I think he DMV one will go down well - not that I've ever been to the PASS summit - maybe I'll get there one day :) Good luck with these.

Posted by Roy Ernest on 6 May 2011

Last year I missed your sessions. But I will make it a point to come for your session this year.

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