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Handy Hardware Assessment Tools For SQL Server

Here is a small selection of useful tools for getting some specific hardware information from any Windows based system you are interested in, whether it is a database server or a laptop. The first one is CPU-Z, which gives you very detailed information about your processor(s), motherboard, and memory. A screenshot of CPU-Z is shown below:




Next is Geekbench, which is a cross-platform CPU and memory component benchmark from Primate Labs. This benchmark gives you a very good assessment of the CPU and memory performance of a system in just a few minutes, with no tricky configuration options required. A screenshot of the main results screen is shown below:





Finally, we have CrystalDiskMark, which is a very easy to use disk component benchmark. A screenshot of the results from this tool is shown below:




By using these three very easy to use tools, you can measure the capabilities of a system in a pretty comprehensive manner in just a few minutes.


Posted by supportGuy on 17 November 2010

How well tested are these tools?

Wouldn't want to install them and crash the server...

Posted by Glenn Berry on 17 November 2010

Well, they are all pretty well-known tools that have been around for years, used by many thousands of people. There is always a small possibility that any code you run on a server could cause a problem.

I have used these tools many, many times on production servers with no ill effects.

Posted by Phillip Carter on 18 November 2010

+1 for CPU-Z, it helped me highlight some cache deficiencies in the new server we purchased so we could get the CPUs changed.

Posted by Glenn Berry on 19 November 2010

Great to hear that, Phillip!  Even though CPU-Z is popular in the over-clocking enthuisiast community, it is a very useful little tool for I.T.

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