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Some Moderately Big Iron on x64

Here is a screenshot from a Dell PowerEdge R910 with four 2.27GHz Intel Xeon X7560 processors and 256GB of RAM. The Intel Xeon X7560 processor has eight cores, plus hyper-threading, for 16 logical cores per physical CPU. This gives you 64 logical processors for the entire machine. If you have deep pockets, this server can hold up to 1TB of RAM.



Here is a shot of CPU-Z, showing some more details about this processor. Notice that Core #0 of Processor #1 is running at 2657MHz, due to Intel Turbo Boost, which bumps up the clock speed of some cores when the rest of the cores are not that busy.


Unfortunately, I don’t have one of these servers to play with. One of my readers was kind enough to supply me with these screenshots. Thanks!


Posted by ThomasLL on 9 September 2010

We have 3 in a cluster (active/active/passive). It is reserved for PeopleSoft HCM on 1, PeopleSoft Financial on another, the last being passive. SQL Server 2008 (not R2) is the only app service running on these.

HyperThreading is turned off.


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