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Micron Real SSD C300

Endgadget recently had a post up about the Micron Real SSD C300 family of SATA 6Gbps SSDs that will be available in 128GB and 256GB sizes early next year. Micron has several videos up on their blog that show how a system with this drive performs compared to a standard 7200rpm drive, and against a competitor’s SSD for some common tasks.

I think I may want one of these…  I still don’t have an SSD in any of my personal systems, but that state of affairs won’t be lasting much longer.   I had been looking at the Intel X-25M G2 80GB SSD, but they have been somewhat hard to find until recently, and they have had some firmware issues relating to the TRIM command.

I have a 10K 300GB Western Digital VelociRaptor in my gaming rig at home, and it makes a noticeable difference in performance compared to your typical 7200rpm drive. It most benchmark tasks, the better SSDs do much better than the VelociRaptors.


Posted by Steve Jones on 5 December 2009

I have an SSD in the netbook, but it's slow with the ATOM CPU, so I'm not sure how well it compares. I may add one to my Toshiba when I get it repaired as the primary drive and have the HDD as the secondary. I'll let you know what I think.

Posted by Glenn Berry on 7 December 2009

Some SSDs (especially the ones that often come stock with netbooks) are pretty poor performers. Plus, you are right about the Atom CPU being a bottleneck, so I will be interested in how a good SSD "feels" in your Toshiba.

Posted by Old Dirty *** -- *ODB* on 25 February 2010

Guys, I have found one single whitepaper on SSD's & OLTP systems. Our infrastructure guys want to try them. Can you list some real-life SSD performance tests using SSD's on OLTP systems? A comparison to 15k SCSI drives would be most useful as we are a dell shop. thx.

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