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SSMSDeploy 1.1 Now Available

Fixed a couple of issues and made some GUI tweaks. Please see the download page for the latest version, and the revision history page for upgrade instructions and the list of changes.

Don Halloran

SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and maybe even SSRS rants and raves (and, on occasion, useful code or designs).


Posted by Oleg on 23 January 2011

Great! Thank you

Please check 4th link at the download page

DOWNLOAD the SSMSDeploy database setup script (only needed for a first-time installation).

it does not work

Posted by Don Halloran on 23 January 2011

Thanks for the heads up! The path was right but for some reason it wasn't being served up. I have re-uploaded it as a zip and was able to download it, so I'm hoping that's fixed for you too.

Posted by Oleg on 24 January 2011

Hi Don,

yes, now it works.


Posted by Oleg on 24 January 2011

Hi Don,

I tried to open solution, VS cannot open the setup project (SQLDeploySetup.vdproj). Do I have any chance to find or receive it?

Thank you.



Posted by Don Halloran on 24 January 2011

What error are you getting?

Posted by Don Halloran on 24 January 2011

Hm, actually, I don't think I included the setup project in the 1.5 release. Where did you find that (it has the old name too!)

Posted by Oleg on 26 January 2011

Hey Don,

I have downloaded via the 3rd link

DOWNLOAD the SSMSDeploy source code.

Then I tried to open the solution SSMS_Deploy, during the opening I received message that setup project  SQLDeploySetup.vdproj could not found and cannot be opened.

This solution contains 3 projects, the reference to one of them SSMSW08 I have corrected.



Posted by Don Halloran on 26 January 2011

Yeah, my recommendation is to make your own solution file, add the projects and set up the dependencies, as my solution file is probably not usable. In any case, I will put up the correct installer project as well.

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