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SSMSDeploy Demo #2 - new features

I've made some changes to the addin, adding some new features:

  • Comments: You can now add a comment to your request. The comments show up on most of the addin windows, and you can also see the comment as a tooltip in the deployment list. Requests with comments have their ID underlined.
  • Listeners: You can now add email addresses to a request, which act as listeners. Any time a request status changes (due to deployment, signoff or failure) an email is sent to each address in the list.
  • Autocomplete: The projects textbox and listener lists both autocomplete based on existing data in the system.
  • Owner transactions: You can now tell the addin not to automatically deploy the script as an atomic operation. The addin will simply execute the script as written without wrapping it inside a transaction of its own. This isn't something you'd normally want to do, but occasionally it might be necessary. For example, if your script executes (poorly designed) procedures which always rollback on error regardless of whether they own the transaction (which would rollback the addin's transaction as well).

I've also recorded another video showing off these features, which you can find here on youtube

Still looking for any feedback on this addin... QQ. If I release it so people can play with it before deciding whether to sell it or give it away then I lose control over distribution. I'm a programmer dammit, not a marketer.

Don Halloran

SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and maybe even SSRS rants and raves (and, on occasion, useful code or designs).


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