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This is a question I had until I came across a great script by The Scripting Guys. The script below is unaltered and entirely their creation. I just found it useful enough to forward it along. This is a short post. Prepping for a baby on the way has cut into my sleep. ^.^

select 'table_name'=object_name(i.id) 
from    sys.sysindexes i 
        ,sys.filegroups f 
        ,sys.database_files d 
        ,sys.data_spaces s 
where objectproperty(i.id,'IsUserTable') = 1 
and f.data_space_id = i.groupid 
and f.data_space_id = d.data_space_id 
and f.data_space_id = s.data_space_id 
order by f.name,object_name(i.id),groupid 

SQLSoldier wrote a post recently on how DMV's cost him his job by helping him find a better one. I found it rather interesting and thought I should forward it along. A similar situation happened when the company I was with showed no interest in providing better training, adjusting pay any, and was overall just difficult to get a hold of. I was a contractor working as a DBA. A good friend of mine had an opening where he worked and I ran for happier times. Some times the grass really is greener.

There's an older post (2007) about joins. Let me say first, I'm not a coder. I've worked with some Java, C++, VB, and obviously T-SQL. I always prefer a visual I can work with or semi working code to build off of. Coding Horror had a post explaining SQL joins visually. It's worth looking into.

Don't forget! SQL Saturday Albuquerque is coming up!

DBA On The Go

I've been working in Enterprise IT environments for roughly 10 years. My move to become a DBA was new, but expected. I've worked in secure DoD databases and secure Pharmaceutical databases. One thing to note, the security aspect isn't a lot different. My goal is to marry Databases and security in a functional manner and see how we can speed these things up with minimal work.


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