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DBA Mastery

I am a very experienced multi platform Database Administrator (SQL Server, Azure SQL DB, Oracle and MySQL). I have more than 10 years of experience in the database administration field, working for large scale US based companies (multiple industries). I have multiple SQL Server certifications under my belt (MCP, MCTS, MCSA, MCSE), during my spare time I like to help others using the #SQLHelp hashtag in Twitter. I hope you find all the information/DBA tips shared in this blog useful

Determine database version from a bak file

Have you ever imagine you can determine the version of SQL Server from a bak or a MDF file? I have been in situations where I received a bak or MDF and LDF files from a vendor to restore \ create a database for the implementation of a new application,… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 15 November 2018

Is your SQL Server environment ready for GDPR? Part 2

In my previous blog post of this topic, I talked about the definition of what GDPR is and also described the first two phases of Microsoft’s recommended workflow in order to be in compliance with this data regulation.

The Discovery and Manage phase was about discovering where the sensitive data… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 30 October 2018

Creating Wait stats widget on Azure Data Studio for macOS

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released a new multi-platform tool called Azure Data Studio, this tool is the final version of SQL Operations Studio. If you are familiar to SQLOps, you probably recall that this tool 100% open source, and because of that you can customize the JSON code… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 9 October 2018

Starting SSMS with a specific connection and script file

Have you ever wanted SSMS to start and automatically and establish a connection to your DBA \ hub server and have your daily routine queries already open ready to run?

Good news, that is totally possible. SSMS actually uses the SSMS.exe in the background which has multiple options such as… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 2 October 2018

I will be speaking at SQL Saturday # 788 – Denver

I’m very thrilled to announce that I will be participating as speaker in Denver’s SQL Saturday that will take place on September 15th. This is a huge step for me as technical speaker, because it was just June when I participated in Denver’s SQL Server User Group speaking about Query… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 7 September 2018

MAX DOP calculator

Every time I conduct a SQL Server health check, it’s pretty common for me to find wrong configurations at instance level. But one of the most common mistakes I see on the wild, is SQL instances having the “max degree of parallelism” (MAXDOP) set to “1” (single core) , probably… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 28 August 2018

Guatemala SQL Server local group

Good news for all the Guatemalan data professionals, starting from August 2018 you have an official PASS SQL Server local group near to you!

What is PASS?
First thing first, for all those future members of this local group I will like to explain what is the PASS organization all… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 23 August 2018

Cleaning up Query Store data after database restore

Query Store is a very powerful tool for performance tuning, if you are not using it already you should!! It will save you a lot of time and effort because it makes the performance troubleshooting easy for DBA’s. It helps you to quickly find performance differences caused by query plan… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 13 August 2018


I really like Microsoft philosophy nowadays, they are putting a lot of time developing good open source tools like SQLCLI, SQLOps and Visual Studio Code, those tools has something in common “a built-in terminal” a multi-platform and code geek like me really appreciate those details. It is pretty neat to… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 7 August 2018

First time speaker at Denver’s SQL local group

06/21 was the date that marked my career as data professional, for the first time ever I decided to participate as technical speaker in United States. Probably this is not a big deal for most people, but it is for a Guatemalan boy whose started dreaming as big as possible… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 1 August 2018

Is your SQL Server environment ready for GDPR? Part 1

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you have not heard about GDPR. This has been hot topic in any technology website, blogs and social media network for the last past 2 weeks and even more today because this data regulation goes effective today (05/25).

In this post,… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 25 May 2018

SQL Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessment is probably one of the most underrated new security features in SSMS 17. This feature is not new to SQL Server though, it already exists on Azure SQL DB but it was finally introduced in SSMS with the version 17.

If you are supporting a SQL Server environment… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 21 May 2018

Reviewing the SQL Server ERROR log


The SQL Server ERROR log is the best source to understand what’s wrong with your SQL Server instance, think this log is like your flight recorder.

In case you are not too familiar with the SQL Server ERROR log, the xp_readerrorlog extended stored procedure is your friend; and as… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 10 May 2018

ITIL certification for DBAs – Part 2


In my previous post I did my best explain a little bit what ITIL is and how important is for DBAs to understand better about this framework.

Now let’s talk about how to get prepared to pass the ITIL foundations certification test. After spending quite some time researching about… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 13 April 2018

ITIL certification for DBAs – Part 1


In some point of your career as DBA you might have interacted with ITIL or at least your heard about it. ITIL is very common in the DBA workplace nowadays (moreover in larger companies) but no matter what level of involvement you have had I’m pretty sure at some… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 13 April 2018

SQL Saturday #695 Guatemala

This is probably a very delayed post, but I have been really busy lately.

As mentioned in my previous post, I was accepted to participate as speaker in Guatemala’s 2018 SQL Saturday organized in past February by SQL PASS organization.

It was an amazing experience, a very busy day full… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 23 March 2018

Speaker at SQL Saturday’s Guatemala city 2018

I’m very thrilled to announce that I will be participating as speaker in this year’s SQL Saturday event in Guatemala city!

Here are the details of the two sessions I will be presenting on February 03:

Advance SQL Server troubleshooting with DMVs

DMVs are the best source to conduct an… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 4 January 2018

MSDB Tuning by purging backup and restore history

Have you ever had problem with your backup jobs taking more time than usual overlapping your maintenance window? It is the disk IO throughput fast enough? or it is your SQL Server not performing well? what could be affecting the performance to avoid your backup job to completely in timely… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 1 December 2017

SQL Server Management Studio Reports

Today’s tip is a very basic functionality that comes with any SSMS (SQL Server Management studio), we are talking about SSMS Instance and Database level reports.

These SSMS reports does not require any additional plugin or either SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), all these aware reports are part of any… Read more

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Posted in DBA Mastery on 7 November 2017