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Why no discussion of MarkLogic / NoSQL security in light of Obamacare security fiasco?

We are awaiting Polar Vortex 2 in New England and are set to have more snow dumped on us starting today so I am reluctantly working from home. This leaves me with a RARE opportunity to publish TWO posts to my feed in a day (or close enough…).

In fairness, I know NOTHING about NoSQL (and to my shame, there are unread MongoDB and Hadoop books on my shelf). However, if the security fiasco that is the Obamacare website involved a RDBMS, I am confident that by now a slew of posts would be published on the RDBMS security aspects of the failure.

Obamacare chose to go with NoSQL db MarkLogic. I fully realize that an App Stack is a lot more than just the db, but database security is a huge part of the total security footprint of an application. Why, therefore, are there no good articles or blog posts from a technical perspective detailing how issues like this could have been mitigated or averted were the security features of MarkLogic implemented properly? If you know of any such articles or blog posts on this that I simply missed, please post them to the comments as a courtesy to those that read this. Thanks!


Some dude named Chuck.


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