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PASS Election Review Committee - We Need Your Input!

The PASS Election Review Committee has geared up and we've started looking at the process of the entire election process that we use for PASS Board of Directors. We're not specfically established to "fix" anything or "correct" previous election cycles so much as we are here to look at the overall process and see where improvements can be made in general. If you're familiar with Total Quality Management, one of its guiding principles, often forgotten in practice, is to continually refine the processes, and as a result, you get a better end product. By focusing on the product, you may paint yourself in a corner. By focusing on the process, you should avoid that. So we're focusing on the process, not the product (a particular year's election results).

We have a website, erc.sqlpass.org, which has a set of forums (and it's tied to your sqlpass.org log in) which thus far we've had limited comments/questions posted in. We also have an email address, erc {at} sqlpass {dot} org, to which you can submit something to the committee and only we see it. Both avenues are designed to get as much input from members of PASS, so we're asking for that input from you. If, in looking at the current process, you see areas for improvement, areas which need clarification, or areas we're not covering in the process, please talk to us through one of these two channels. If you had issues with how the process worked out over the last number of years and they haven't been addressed by the current process, we'd love for you to initiate a conversation through one of these two channels.

The bottom line is we're asking for your input. We would like to see good discussion on the overall process in order to put together the best mechanism for the selection of Board of Directors for our organization. In short, we need you!


K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security

IT Security, MySQL, Perl, SQL Server, and Windows technologies.


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