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Remember the Milk: Smart Adds

A while ago, Brent Ozar pointed me to Remember the Milk to help with task tracking. It's a web-based task tracking system. Some of the nice things about it is it lets you categorize tasks, it lets you set tags, it lets you prioritize tasks, and it lets you set due dates. In addition, you can create repeating tasks and take notes on various tasks. So it's a great application that I can access from anywhere, especially with a BlackBerry. I also like the fact that it has a sync application for Blackberry so I can use BB's native Task app that interfaces with Outlook and I can add a task as I'm sitting at a meeting and I don't feel like going through the web interface. So it's extremely flexible and it just works for me. So much so that I signed up for the Pro version.

Well, it has gotten better with Smart Adds. One of the slight irritants was that while I could enter tasks relatively easily, setting all the other information, such as due date, priority, etc., meant I first had to enter the task, then go to another set of fields to fill out that information. Smart Adds uses certain shortcuts when you enter the task so that it can process everything all at once. I just tried it for a number of tasks I just got from a project meeting and it really improved the time it took to enter six new tasks. So if you're using Remember the Milk, check out the blog post I've linked to about Smart Adds. Definitely a work saver. If you aren't using Remember the Milk and haven't ever investigated it, take a look at it and see if does it for you. I know it's light years ahead of Outlook.


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Posted by Joew@webbtechsolutions.com on 8 September 2009

Absolutely agree, Brian! I use it extensively and the new Smart Adds made it even more user friendly.

They've also changed some of the usability aspects too. For example, new tasks are not automatically selected, etc.

Posted by Steve Jones on 8 September 2009

I need to check this out again. I didn't use it last year since it didn't have the phone integration I needed, but I might try this with my new iPhone.

Posted by Anonymous on 9 September 2009

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Posted by Brent Ozar on 9 September 2009

Glad you liked it.  I love that thing, and I can't imagine working without it.  I even browbeat my coworkers into using it just so they don't ask me, "What's the status on ___ and when will it be done?"  They can just hop right into RTM and see what tasks are higher priority than theirs, and go wrestly with the other task owners to fight over priorities.

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