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Immune Systems, User Groups, Changing Jobs

I've been off-line except for hints here and there for the last couple of weeks due to fighting off an illness. One thing I've learned about working with youth, especially during this part of the year, is that I've got to start looking to boost my immune system. Part of that is getting back into a regular exercise program again (I need that for general health) and watching what I eat, but it's also time to do some more research. I've seen anecdotal evidence on the effervescent tablets that have a good dose of Vitamin C and Zinc, but I need to see if there's anything out there that shows they actually work.

Now that I'm feeling better, I've posted a prior announcement about the Midlands PASS chapter meeting tonight. Paul Shearer will be presenting deploying SQL Server on Hyper-V. I'm really looking forward to that because he's bringing real world experience to discuss what his organization did and the success that they saw. Can't beat that. Paul is a smart guy who does a performance tuning presentation each year at the user group, always to high raves because he's not only good at what he does, but also because he can communicate it well. If you're reading this and you can make it, we'd love to have you.

Also, I'll be at the Pee Dee Area .NET User Group this coming Tuesday, December 9th. I'll be presenting Fortress SQL Server, basically security features of interest to DBAs and developers who work with SQL Server. I learned from the last SQL Saturday that the Treasure Seekers presentation, which also tries to have something for sysadmins, is just too long now. I end up rushing through it and while I get a lot of information out quickly, it's not the right way to do it. I'm looking forward to heading out that way. I graduated from the South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics, so me and the family are going to stop in Hartsville for dinner with one of my former professors who I keep in touch with and still look to as a mentor for life, faith, and how to be a great teacher. I'll use the opportunity to pick his brain on how I can be better in all three areas.

And on a job note, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a transfer within my organization back into a SQL Server centric role. I've spent the last seven years on the server and domain side, and as much fun as that area is, it meant I wasn't touching SQL Server every day. I love SQL Server and the continuing growth in the SQL Server family, so I'm looking forward to getting back to the technology I am most passionate about. If the transfer doesn't work out, I still love what I do now. But with a chance to get back to day-to-day SQL Server work, I had to take a shot at it.


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Posted by Steve Jones on 5 December 2008

Good luck on the new position. Glad to see you back in the SQL world.

Posted by Stephen Dyckes on 16 December 2008

Vitamin D has been shown to help boost the immune system, especially in conjuntion with the C and Zinc.

To Transfer or Not to Trnaser: Either way sounds like you win. Goodluck following your passion!

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