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SQL Server Panel Interview

I was asked by Odin Jobs to participate in an email interview on SQL Server. Joining me on the panel were:

Odin Jobs has done this before with PHP. The first couple of posts are here:

Here are the questions they asked:

  1. How and when were you introduced to SQL Server?
  2. What is the most stressful part of your job when working with SQL Server?
  3. Production DBA, Development DBA and SQL Server Developer – Are these roles inter-changeable or do you think that each role is specialized, that there is little chance of crossover?
  4. Name 2 exciting, new SQL Server features either in SQL Server 2008 or is upcoming.
  5. What do you recommend to others for keeping track of whats happening in SQL Server?
  6. Whats a SQL Server MVP and what does it take to become one?
  7. Whats the next logical career step for you?
  8. Why would you recommend SQL Server vis-a-vis other databases?

One I really strugged on is #6. It's easy to explain what an MVP is, but how you become one isn't something that's really well defined.  Steve Jones wrote an editorial about this and Andy Warren has blogged about the subject as well. Steve wasn't exactly sure what were the exact criteria which led to his selection as an MVP. Andy pointed out that he thinks the selection bar is pretty high and his current work and life isn't conducive to meeting the requirements, especially if it's based on things like # of messages in forums and the like. I'm in the same boat as Andy. My work, home life, and ministry have always meant I can't spend as much time in the community as I'd like meaning I don't ever expect to meet the criteria to be selected as one. Having a third child, becoming a children's minister and now a junior high youth pastor, and taking on greater responsibilities at work means my free time has shrunk drastically. And I know that as much as I love being a part of the community, I wouldn't change the other aspects of my life. They are too important, especially family and ministry.

The other one I struggled on was #7. I think my answer gives that away. I sit more on the server and security side than a strictly SQL Server side nowadays but I enjoy all three aspects. But I also have enjoyed being a developer, which is what I started as 20 years ago at the ripe old age of 14. When I get time to write code, I do. But that time has become less and less nowadays. So I'm kind of like a kid in a candy store. I can go and do any aspect of it, but charting a career path involving all those areas is nigh impossible.


K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security

IT Security, MySQL, Perl, SQL Server, and Windows technologies.


Posted by Andy Warren on 30 July 2008

Brian, good post and I admire anyone who can balance their interests in life even when it means perhaps not doing as much in one area as they would like. I think you've done a lot for the community over the years since we've known you and would easily meet 'my' definition of an MVP. Keep doing what you're doing my friend!

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