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Melitta Coffee Brewer

I’ve been trying out the Melitta Coffee Brewer for a few weeks. Not much to it, it’s just a plastic stand that holds a coffee filter. Add coffee, then add water to do a “pour over” and wait for it to drip into the cup. It comes in two sizes, one that uses a small #2 filter and one that uses the larger #4 filter. The small works out good for a regular size/travel cup and it works ok with the larger filters. Of course you need a source of hot water for this to work, so I’ve been using a borrowed electric kettle that is really fast to heat the cup or two of water I need. Pouring takes probably 3-4 minutes. Pour some water, let it soak some, pour more water. Not bad if you’re talking to someone, maybe not the best thing for the first cup of the day. The only downside I’ve seen is that it is all too easy to knock it over and make a mess. Still, for three bucks it’s hard to beat. It also makes me appreciate that automatic drip coffee makers aren’t evil – they just automate the pouring.




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