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The Fun of Blogs

If you look at my blog roll Jeff Dunntemann is one of the ones recommend. Nothing about SQL Server there, but he is a technology guy and a thinking one at that. I catch up on reading his stuff from time to time and just yesterday read The Friction is in th Discovery. Short story is he heard a piece of music on The Weather Channel (I know, doesn't sound that impressive) and his efforts to figure out the musician behind it. If you like music follow the link, you might discover something new. But there is a real point here that businesses (and blogs) need to find more ways to help people discover them.

Our main business (End to End Training) is reasonably discoverable - people search for training, see us at community events (www.sqlsaturday.com, www.orlandocodecamp.com), and we're generally visible around the profession. Is that enough? Never enough visibility for a business! But what about something a lot more niche like my blog? What's the demographic for this blog? Aside from being listed in search engines and listing my blog URL in my online signatures, how do I help people discover me? Note that I have no intent to make this a commercial blog, any ads you might see are from SQLServerCentral.com - but that doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy the dialog that develops as the audience expands.

Go listen to the music, technology can wait 5 minutes.


I'm Andy Warren, currently a SQL Server trainer with End to End Training. Over the past few years I've been a developer, DBA, and IT Director. I was one of the original founders of SQLServerCentral.com and helped grow that community from zero to about 300k members before deciding to move on to other ventures.


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