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Schema as Folder

I'm catching up on my reading today and ran across an article from Kathi Kellenberger called Understanding the Difference between Owners and Schemas in SQL Server. Good short overview of the concepts, but one comment really struck me when she said that she thinks of schemas as containers. That's a lot different than the kinda bland concept of owners in SQL 2000 and had me mumbling to myself again that I don't understand why MS doesn't show schemas as folders under tables, procs, etc, to make it really easy to see (and move if needed) what items are in which schema.

For all that, at this point Im still a one schema fits all person. Maybe if you have 10k tables some logical division makes sense, I've just never worked anywhere that it seemed like it would solve any particular problem. Of course it worries me slightly that Im not getting some crucial point - can anyone enlighten me?!


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Posted by Kathi Kellenberger on 18 October 2007
I guess that is why I tried to emphasize that you have to think about this early in the database design. Otherwise you will have the same mess that owners can cause.

Except for AdventureWorks, I haven't really worked with anything that had different schemas. I kind of think that this was an attempt to be more Oracle-like.
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