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Help Me Name My New Blog

I am in the process of creating a new blog, but I am having difficulty coming up with a good name. I would like to go with a Hawaii-based theme on the blog, so a Hawaii-based name would be great.

Below are some ideas that some people have offered so far:


  • Big Island DBA
  • The Island DBA
  • ISland SQL
  • SQL Aloha
  • Down at the SQLshore
  • Aloha DBA
  • Aloha SQL DBAs
  • SQL Five-O
  • SQL Hawaii
  • Island of the Exceptional DBA
  • Exceptional DBA Beach


Which of these do you think is the best, or do you have an original idea? Let me know what you think. I hope to have the new blog rolled out in the next two weeks or so.


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Posted by Thomas LaRock on 15 July 2009

i don't know Brad, a wise man once told me that you should use your professional name when possible (www.sqlservercentral.com/.../dos-and-don-ts-for-projecting-a-professional-image-on-the-internet.aspx)

perhaps you should just go with "Brad's Blog"?

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 15 July 2009

Actually, that wise man was right. ;-) Directly under the blog name will be my name, so people can instantly recognize who the blog belongs to. In fact, the blog url will have my name in it.

Posted by David Atkinson on 15 July 2009

How about something playing on the "HI" of Hawaii? like "The Information Super-HI-way", "The HI-Wire", "HI and dry", "HI and Low", "My way or the HI-way"?

Etc etc etc...

Or how about "SQL Surfer"? :)


Posted by kkline on 15 July 2009

I'm partial to SQL Five-O.  =^)  But now I can't help but hear the music from the old TV show!

Posted by luis.a.martin on 15 July 2009

SQL Hawaii

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 15 July 2009

Kevin, SQL Five-O is a favorite among many at Red Gate, but I wonder if the "younger generation" will get the connection? ;-)

Posted by Jack Corbett on 15 July 2009

I like SQL Five-O as well.  I'd like to consider myself the younger generation (under 40 for a little while longer).  Book 'em Dano!

Posted by John Magnabosco on 15 July 2009

How about "Mokupuni SQL", according to my resources "Mokupuni" is Hawaiian for "Island".

Posted by Pinal Dave on 15 July 2009

Hello Brad,

Many international developers will not know what is Five-O. I only know cause I was in USA for few years before I moved back to India.

Aloha is the most famous word from Hawaii, why not continue with it as Aloha SQL or SQL Aloha.

In any way, all the name are good.

Kind Regards,


Posted by Gogula G. Aryalingam on 15 July 2009

I like 'SQL Aloha'

Posted by Steve Jones on 15 July 2009

I like the Aloha theme as well.

As much as Brad's Blog might brand you, I think something that fits your life can do that as well. SQL Down Under, Voice of the DBA, there are plenty of catchy examples that have worked.

Posted by mazzz on 16 July 2009

I like the Five-0 one and the Aloha DBA one

The younger generation are more likely to think of The Wire than Hawaii Five-O , maybe

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 16 July 2009

So far, it looks like SQL Five-O and SQL Aloha are ahead in the race. Please vote on your favorite, or come up with your own.

Posted by David Atkinson on 16 July 2009

How about "The SQL HIlander"?

Posted by Noman Tariq on 17 July 2009

DBA Cruise ... Hows that?

actually i heared that in Huwaii you can book a cruise to visit a whale's show on beach or so.

so your blog would be like a cruise to watching a show. :)

Best of Luck.

Posted by AdamJ on 18 July 2009


Posted by martin.alvey on 20 July 2009

I like SQL Five-O

Posted by Andreas Marner on 20 July 2009

Hawaii is a wonderful place, but for the DBAs of the world the best name is Brad McGehee's Blog (Brad's Blog is also OK), because the person is very known and important in this matter.

Posted by paul.ingham on 20 July 2009

I like the Aloha theme.

Posted by Nick Harshbarger on 20 July 2009

I like SQLuau, referencing a Hawaiian feast. en.wikipedia.org/.../Luau  A very community centric and socially oriented type of celebration.

Posted by Kit G on 20 July 2009

SQL Aloha is what indicated to me.  Although I did like the SQL Five-O... but then, that's just me showing my age. :)

Posted by AndyA on 20 July 2009

how about 'SQL Aloha World' - Reference to the numerous 'Hello World' projects most developers have created at soemtime or another

Posted by Ron Kunce on 20 July 2009

At first I would have went with SQL Aloha but "Island of the Exceptional DBA", though lengthy has the best content and feel to it.  I have to chose "Island of the Exceptional DBA"

Posted by James A. Lawrence on 20 July 2009

Mahalo - The SQL Chronicles

SQL DBA Oasis or SQL Oasis

Posted by Cheryl Carpenter on 20 July 2009

Especially for the younger generation: how abnout the 'Lost' SQL blog.

Posted by Greg Larsen on 20 July 2009

Here is another one to add to your list - SQL Kahuna

Posted by Bill Goldberg on 20 July 2009

I'm sure SQL Surfer Guy has been trademarked by now - LOL.

Posted by David McKinney on 20 July 2009

SELECT dba FROM Hawaii

Posted by James A. Lawrence on 20 July 2009


The SQL Tsunami

The SQL Pipeline (a surfing term)

Posted by Burhan Inselbaggil on 20 July 2009

I vote for

"The DBA's Island" by Brad M. McGehee

Posted by Sharon Levine on 20 July 2009

lots of good ones here...I believe I like SQL Kahuna best, followed by the SQL Aloha.

Posted by Alan Vogan on 20 July 2009

I like SQL Aloha. As aloha says hello and goodbye, the same way I feel about work...

Posted by Tom Martin on 20 July 2009

What about 'Island Hopping DBA'?

Posted by Nelson Nomura on 20 July 2009

E Komo Mai - Hawaii's DBA

Posted by Chad Crawford on 20 July 2009

1 Vote each for SQL Five-0 and SQL Kahuna

Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 20 July 2009

I've received an embarrassment of riches. There are a lot of great and creative ideas here, and it will be hard picking one for the new blog. Based on the feedback, here are the top contenders so far:

SQL Aloha

SQL Five-O

SQL Kahuna

Aloha DBA

SQL Hawaii

SQL Surfer

Aloha DBA

Island of the Exceptional DBA

Besides these top contenders, below is a summary of all the other ideas so far:

Big Island DBA

The Island DBA

ISland SQL

Aloha SQL

Down at the SQLshore

Aloha SQL DBAs

Exceptional DBA Beach

The Information Super-HI-way

Mokupuni SQL

The SQL HIlander

DBA Cruise



SQL Aloha World

Mahalo - The SQL Chronicles

The 'Lost' SQL Blog


SQL Oasis

SELECT dba FROM Hawaii

The SQL Tsunami

The SQL Pipeline

The DBA's Island

Island Hopping DBA

E Komo Mai - Hawaii's DBA

Please keep on providing feedback, and sending in ideas. I'll make a choice by early next week.

Posted by rnelsdon on 20 July 2009

Luau Connections

Posted by francisT on 20 July 2009

How about


Posted by skjoldtc on 20 July 2009

I like DBA Island, without the 's. It could be like Fantasy Island where all of your DBA dreams come true.

Yet another aged cultural reference.

Posted by Carla Wilson on 20 July 2009

I vote for SQL Kahuna!  (I liked SQL 5-Oh, but that's showing my age! ;)   (got the theme music stuck in my head now!)

Darn - wish I'd known in June - I was there to drop my daughter off at U of H at Hilo for some summer marine biology classes!  Fell in love with the Big Island....

Posted by Rodney Landrum on 20 July 2009

Stop the Presses



Posted by Urvish on 20 July 2009

How about SQLDBASpaceStation?

Posted by steve block on 21 July 2009

If you use SQL Five-O you can slip in a Book-em Danno at appropriate times.

Posted by dun on 21 July 2009

DBA Atoll - See ca.encarta.msn.com/.../Atoll.html

If you're in the middle of an ocean an atoll will be a welcome sight/site.

Posted by amitsinghr on 21 July 2009

I Like

Aloha DBA - Seems like DBA Gurus Place

SQL Hawaai - Seems SQL FUN

Posted by I Love Adage on 21 July 2009

How about:

The DBA from DFA Hits the Big Pineapple!

Posted by john.barry on 29 July 2009

How about:


Posted by Brad M. McGehee on 29 July 2009

Thanks for all the feedback everyone has offered. We have finally selected a title, and the blog will be called "SQL Aloha," which seemed to be the most popular choice among those who provided feedback, along with my co-workers who are helping me on the new blog website. Once the site is live, I will announce it with a blog entry on SQLServerCentral.com.

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