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Come be your best with Pragmatic Works


Have you been trying to figure out how to take your career in Microsoft BI, SharePoint and SQL Server to the next level?

Have you wanted to go from being the best at what you do to being the best in BI and other technologies?

Do you have a passion for the community and sharing what you know with others?

Do you want to be mentored by the best in the business to reach your ultimate potential?

Do you want to give yourself the holiday gift of a new and exciting career? Then we’re looking for you!

Pragmatic Works is looking for developers and consultants at all levels to grow our team of talented folks. Many of you have already reached out and we are very excited about the discussions we’ve had so far.  Our business pipeline for next year is so exciting that we find ourselves needing to bring in more talented individuals like you to expand our team. We talked to many of you at SQL Saturdays, the PASS Summit and other events and many of you have the same questions. So I’ve decided to answer them ahead of time for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About Working at Pragmatic Works

1. What will I be doing? – You will be working right away in your current skill set while we work together to expand your experience and move on to new and exciting projects. Our goal is to help you go as far as your motivation and our teamwork can take you. You will get involved in the community, have some fun, learn some exciting things and be a part of a great team. Check out the pictures in this post just some of the fun time we have together.


2. How do we get there? – Our in house mentoring program pairs you with the best minds in the business and the most efficient methods of applying your experience to a new technology.  Then we get you using it in the field as soon as you’re ready! It doesn’t stop there! You continue your work within the mentoring program to continuously learn and grow!


3. Do I need to live in Jacksonville to work for you? Our strength as an organization is in our ability to work together, mentor each other daily. While this best takes place in our new state of the art office facility, we are sensitive to family and economic factors that limit options. Our goal is to have folks dedicated to what they do no matter where they live. Travel to the office may be required for some roles or projects.


4. Will I be on the road all the time? – One of the best things about working with our team is the variety of industries, and experiences we have to leverage for our clients and consultant growth. The only way to do that is to go out in the world and experience them.  Our goal is to provide a balanced approach to travel and many of our clients are flexible and do not require fulltime on site presence. Typically the travel requirement does not go above 50% weekday travel for an extended period of time. We couple that with Combat Pay style bonuses and goodies to help make the process enjoyable.


5. What kind of benefits do you have? – We have the a standard personal benefits package, but the real benefits go much deeper.

- Have you ever wanted to be a part of an expert author team, or go on a speaking tour with the Microsoft product team?

- Have you wanted to present like a superstar? Our mentoring program includes presenting skills, and exposure to quality in person and virtual events to get your brand out there!

- Have you dreamed of working alongside SQL Server MVP’s and experts as part of a SWAT team to solve complex problems and deliver innovative solutions for the most influential companies in the world?

6. How has Pragmatic Works grown over time? – Our growth over the last few years has been tremendous. Our partnerships with Microsoft and other vendors provide even greater avenues for new business partnerships, increased delivery pipeline and expanded marketing reach. Our innovative techniques or reaching the clients and making the technology real to them is unrivaled in the industry. We deliver engagements globally and have just moved into a new expanded facility in Jacksonville. 2011 will see significant expansion and growth with the new technologies being released. We remain committed to quality, diversity, and excellence of character in all we do.  Check out some of our folks from the PASS Summit this year with some of our friends.


7. Will I get to play with the hottest new technology? – OF COURSE! Our relationships and partnerships keep us on the cutting  edge of things like Parallel Data Warehouse, Fast Track DW, new hardware based appliance solutions, Alpha and interim beta builds of SQL Server products and the latest in SharePoint and other tools. We put a focus on getting you exposed to these as early as possible to make sure we have the best prepared team in the business.


8. How do we get on board? – You need to email your resume and cover letter including salary requirements(a range is fine) to Jobs@pragmaticworks.com. This alias is reviewed by the hiring team regularly so you’re not sending it in to a black hole.  If you have questions, let me know – catch me on twitter or via email. @Adam_Jorgensen or Ajorgensen@pragmaticworks.com. For some of our job openings you can check them out here: Pragmatic Works Jobs.

We would love to hear from you. We’re expanding our world class team and want you to be a part of it.

We are currently expanding the following roles:

- SharePoint Architects (with 2010 experience)

- SQL Server Architects with Performance Tuning & High availability skills

- Microsoft BI developers & consultants (Data Modeling, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)

Let’s do something great together. Make your holiday even better with a new and exciting career to look forward to. Don’t wait, Contact us today.


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