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I was recently looking for some publicly available data for a demo. Many times, the complicated solutions we deliver for clients are under NDA and cannot be shared as Demo material for features or to new clients so I'm always in search of free public data that has useful business questions to answer.


That is when I came across www.Data.gov This is the governments repository for all kinds of data in many different formats for public consumption.


If you need to find some interesting data this site has it all. It has everything from Airline on time data to world health data, education data, etc.. Great source for what demos or features you may need to test.


Posted by Tim Mitchell on 4 December 2009

Good find.  I wrote a blog about this a while back, after struggling to come up with unique but relevant data for testing and demos.  It takes a while to navigate if you're looking for something specific, but can be a good resource otherwise.

Posted by Wesley Brown on 4 December 2009

I love these little gems. Brent Ozar did a nice write up on using stack overflow's data feed www.brentozar.com/.../how-to-import-the-stackoverflow-xml-into-sql-server

I'll check out data.gov and add it to my list of data sources!

Posted by Bill Nicolich on 4 December 2009

I've been wanting to go over there and see what data.gov has got. It's on the to-do list. Maybe some people will post some examples of using it and that will inspire me enough to move it further up on the list.

Right now it's right below a quest that involves driving up to the valet of a 5-star restaurant in a junky 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse, throwing the keys to the valet and saying "this car is worth more than you" while walking into the building.

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