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SQL Server Central Webinar Series #20: Using SQL Storage Compress in the Real World

By Press Release, (first published: 2012/06/26)

Join SQL Server MVPs Brad McGehee and Steve Jones to learn how to compress databases to a fraction of their original size.

In a recent survey, 49% of companies said that they keep from 3 to 10 copies of each of their production databases for use by developers, testers, report writers and users, among other reasons. For example, if a production database was 1 TB in size, and the organization has 5 copies of it, that’s a total of 6 TB of disk space that needs to be purchased and managed. And if all this storage is on expensive SAN storage, storing the additional copies can be very expensive.

But what if there were a way to reduce the storage of the 5 copies from 5 TB to about 1 TB, a reduction of 4 TB? That could represent a great cost saving. But how is this possible? It is possible if you are using Red Gate’s SQL Storage Compress. In this session, you learn how SQL Storage Compress can be used to compress databases into a fraction of their original size, resulting in great costs savings. In addition, you will learn about its architecture, how it works, its performance, and be given a demonstration of how to implement it in your own environment.

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