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Red Gate extends freedom of mobile SQL monitoring

By Press Release,

CAMBRIDGE, UK, May 31, 2011 – Less than seven months after giving SQL professionals the freedom to use mobile devices to monitor their servers, Red Gate has released SQL Monitor 2.3, providing improved data analysis and the ability to receive alerts through PagerDuty.

Major new features in SQL Monitor 2.3 include:

  • Display of the top 10 most-expensive queries – Users can easily spot the queries that are using the most resources across an instance or specific to a given database.
  • Better resolution in analysis graphs – More data is plotted in analysis graphs, giving users a clearer picture of peaks and troughs over the course of an hour, day or month.
  • PagerDuty integration – Users with a PagerDuty account can now receive SQL Monitor alerts via phone call or SMS message. They can also use PagerDuty to set up on-call duty schedules and configure automatic escalation of critical alerts.

Based on user feedback, other significant improvements have been made to data purging, performance, reporting and usability.

Freedom without complexity

"The future of monitoring is the freedom to check up on your servers whenever and wherever you choose," says David Bick, Red Gate's product manager for SQL Monitor 2.3. "With SQL Monitor 2.3 we've improved notification and diagnosis of performance problems without compromising the simplicity for which the product is known."

Monitor SQL Server Central's servers

Visit www.thefutureofmonitoring.com to use SQL Monitor 2.3 on SQL Server Central's servers. No installation is needed, so you can monitor the servers to see the load placed on the website from its more than 1 million subscribers. A 14-day free trial of SQL Monitor 2.3 is also available for download.


Media contact: Bob Cramblitt, Cramblitt & Company
info@cramco.com; (1) 919.481.4599

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