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A Quick Count

By Steve Jones,

I get accused of not writing enough technical editorials and it's probably true at times. Every once in awhile I wander down some strange path and get a bunch of writing done on subjects not necessarily related to DBA work, but I appreciate your indulgence. And some are kind of fun, like the every other month car updates . So ...

I was doing some household chores the other day and putting away some laundry. With my wife traveling out of town for half the week, I've got to pick up some slack or things start to get out of control. As I was putting shirts away, I thought this would be a good poll for the week:

How many SQL Server (or SQL Server vendor) shirts do you own?

I guess it could be any category since some of you are not DBAs and may go to other conferences like Exchange, etc. I figure my buddy Dean has 10 SMS shirts and Chris Rock probably lives in his collection of VB swag. By my count I have the following:

  • 6 different SQL Server t-shirts, including 2 power-hour shirts
  • 6 different Red Gate t-shirts
  • 2 different Imceda t-shirts
  • 2 SQL Sentry shirts
  • 14 shirts - no surprise here, 9 Hawaiians, 3 polos, one oxford, and one t-shirt

That's a pretty good spread of T-shirts and then some nicer ones when I want to dress up

I'm sure some of you have me beat, though I've got a few more TechEd T-shirts, and various other MS products including a denim PDC shirt from 1998!

(This editorial was originally published on Aug 23, 2007. It is being re-run as Steve is on vacation.)

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