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Outsourcing Jobs

By Steve Jones,

It seems that these days any number of people have some level of uncertainty about their employment. The days of working for one company for your entire 40 year career seem to be over for most people, at least in technology. If you can do it, great, but for most of us, that's not something that's likely to occur. 

Some of the reasons might be that people in technology are easily bored and like change, but some is also because employers view us as replaceable units and are less hesitant to change employees if they perceive some value. Those changes might be simply terminating one employee and hiring another, or they could be outsourcing the position to another company.

I ran across this piece in InfoWorld about the hottest outsourced jobs in US companies. The piece talks mostly about development and UI/UX jobs, including QA positions, being the ones that are most likely to be outsourced. On top of those jobs, however, it seems that there's no shortage of companies looking to take advantage of cloud-based services and reduce their infrastructure costs. They aren't moving all their IT services to the cloud, but they are considering some of them.

There are some data jobs listed, including architects, developers, analysts, and data warehouse data jobs. I don't know how many companies really want to eliminate DBAs, but if they do, there will still be data jobs with the outsourcing providers.

The one good thing I saw in the report is only a small percentage of companies are looking to offshore the work. It doesn't help if your company is one of that percentage, and if that's the case, I hope you can find something else.

In any case, there will be constant changes in technology over the next few years. you should continue to work on your own professional development and be aware of the environment in which you work. It is important you recognize that you are responsible for finding the opportunities as you move forward in your career.

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