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Key Storage

By Steve Jones,

One of the issues with encryption, perhaps the biggest issue, is the management of the keys that protect the encrypted data. I have been an advocate of keeping the backup of the keys far away from the backup of the encrypted data.I usually want them on separate media, or a separate tape, just so that a loss of my backup of the data (or the data itself), doesn't include the key.

However this presents a problem in a DR situation, especially over time. If I make a backup, and lose my server in a year, can I easily find the copies of the asymmetric keys or certificates? Can I easily match up the proper key with the encryption if I rotate keys periodically? There hasn't been a great solution I've seen to solving this issue.

Recently I saw a talk on security, and the speaker mentioned they kept copies of their certificates on the backup tape with the backup of the data. This person felt that since a password was needed for the certificate, that this was secure enough. Perhaps, but you still have the problem of securing that password over time as well. This week, I wanted to ask those of you that use encryption, how do you handle the issue.

Would you store a secure asymmetric key protected with a password on your backup drive or tape?

If so, then how do you handle the security of the password? If not, then what other solution do you have? I know key management is a struggle in many organizations, but if you have something that works for you, let us know how it works.

Steve Jones

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