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Old, but stable

By Steve Jones,

I had another poll planned for today, but then I saw Paul Randal's blog on SQL Server 2000 and it inspired me. I spent many years working on SQL Server 2000 systems, and I liked the platform. It very very stable, reliable, and effective for the companies in which I worked. This was pre-cool SQL Server logo, pre-SSRS, pre-64-bit hardware. SQL Server 2000 was the release that I spent the most time working on to that point in my career.

Today we have an easy poll, and I'd love to get your answer, and I'm sure Paul would as well, so feel free to put your answer here and on his blog:

Are you still running SQL Server 2000 in production and why?

It's 2012, we have now had 4 releases of SQL Server since SQL Server 2000, but I know there are still plenty of SQL Server 2000 instances out there. It's not being actively supported or patched, but many companies still continue to use it. Why?

The reasons often come down to money. I know a few friends that have SQL Server 2000 instances running some proprietary software and their companies do not want to spend the money on an upgrade. With a stable database platform that doesn't have issues, would you? Is it worth upgrading to the latest version of the platform when what you have works?

I think you upgrade when you see an advantage to doing so. If that means you want readable secondaries that provide HA, DR, and reporting, then you are probably planning on a SQL Server 2012 upgrade now. If you have to run a key card system that checks people in and out of a building, SQL Server 6.5 probably works fine.

Let us know today if you still run SQL Server 2000, and how it's working for you.

Steve Jones

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