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Man in the MIddle

By Steve Jones,

It might be time to learn a bit more about network protocols, SSL, and encryption for many DBAs. At least Oracle DBAs after a session at the recent Black Hat Europe conference. Researches showed how a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack could take place against clear text traffic to an Oracle database and credentials could be revealed or the session hijacked.

This article talks about the issues, and it mentions that these MITM attacks are seen as "easy" by attackers. I would have thought these are harder than other types of attacks, but perhaps not. Just the chance that they can take place is worrisome to a DBA who might harden a server only to find that the communications with a client are compromised.

SQL Server include a number of encryption technologies, TDE, SSL and more. And unlike Oracle, which charges for encryption features, these are included in the price of SQL Server. You can deploy them on any of your instances just by flipping a switch.

While it is that easy, you should take some time to plan things out and think about how to better secure your SQL Server instance. Encrypting the data files, or the communication traffic won't ensure your server is secure, but each little additional security precaution makes it less likely that you will get hacked.

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