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No One is Safe

By Steve Jones,

I bet the developer that built the recognition feature for this application never thought he would have these type of security issues. Someone sent me this picture, which is a fantastic use of SQL Injection that I had never thought of.

As I read about more and more OCR and translation services being used on data, especially pictures and audio data, and who knows what else, I think there are all sorts of new security issues we will have to be aware of. Even in places that you might not expect, perhaps inside of bar codes or other types of encoding mechanisms, there could be SQL injection techniques in play. 

Can you imagine SQL injection commands being embedded in something like an RFID chip?  I really hope that people building all those credit card reading machines have architected their applications to prevent injection techniques from being used.

The world  of application development is expanding constantly, as cheaper computing devices become more pervasive. And with great connectivity being available, it's likely that our transactional databases are becoming more and more exposed to new security threats.  As DBAs we need to be aware of issues and ensure we are informing developers of potential threats that can be exploited.

Even if you are not exposing your database today to external systems or connections, who knows if they'll be exposed in the future as someone seeks to expand their business opportunities. Practice safe computing, and ensure every developer understands what SQL Injection is.

Steve Jones

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Everyday Jones

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