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Company Rewards

By Steve Jones,

http://ucreateitcakes.com/Company%20Reward%20Cake.jpgRecently I was fortunate enough to go on a retreat event with my wife for her company. It was a reward for various people that had performed well in the last year and spouses were invited along. I had the chance to meet a number of people she worked with, and while there were very few work events while we were there, the subject of work came up.

As I was talking with one person, they expressed that while it was great they had the chance for this trip, they wished that instead the money had gone to make their salary a few thousand dollars a year higher, or that they got a bigger bonus. I can certainly understand that, but I also see the value in giving something outside of money to employees.

Most of us never have the chance to get something like a trip for two as a reward for hard work, but perhaps that is something you'd like. Since it's Friday, and although most of you have gotten incentive plans for the next year, I thought this poll might get you thinking about what to include in your negotiations for 2011.

What one thing, other than money, would make you most pleased with your employer?

I had always wanted to be paid more, or get a bigger bonus in most of my jobs. Then I had a business owner tell me one year that he bought gifts for his employees in lieu of a bonus one quarter. It was an unexpected gift, and one that most people might not have purchased for themselves. He said that it generated a lot of goodwill, more than he'd seen in the past with cash bonuses. Some people still grumbled, but I think there are people that will not be happy no matter what you do.

I've read similar sentiments from other business people. They see value in gifts, or events, that goes beyond the cost. Whether it's cheaper or more expensive, the memories from some gift seem to last longer and be more bonding than the act of giving money.

For this Friday, think about something that might generate some goodwill for you. Is it a weekend getaway with your spouse? A new TV, a watch, or some other gift that you might not purchase for yourself? Or do you think that gifts are a waste of corporate money? Let us know.

Steve Jones

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