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Grow Your Family

By Steve Jones,

Yesterday I wrote a piece on the networking event that Andy Warren and I host on the Monday before the Summit conference each year. It's a great event, and I hope more of you can come next year. Our event is really a microcosm of something amazing in the SQL Server community. I haven't seen it in other technologies I've been a part of, and I'm proud that we, as a community, have done something amazing. 

The hashtag on Twitter for many events is #sqlfamily. It seems as though the various community members, some speakers, some authors, some watchers, all treat this professional group as a family. We greet each other warmly, we hug, we help each other solve problems or find jobs. And we argue and disagree. We act like a family, a large group of people bonded together.

If you choose to join and participate, it seems that someone will be willing to help you, cheer you up, laugh with you, and be your friend. It's an amazing group of people, and I have a question for you this Friday.

Will you join the #sqlfamily and meet 3 new people at your next event?

That's my recommendation for networking and becoming more involved in the community. At your next user group, SQL Saturday, or other event, make an effort to talk to 3 people. Introduce yourself and ask them what they do with SQL Server. It's that simple to network with people and you never know what will come of a new relationship. Most will be casual "hi, how are you" relationships and some will be "I don't want to talk to them anymore", but I bet you get a few closer relationships where you enjoy seeing and talking to the individual.

You might find a new good friend, a contact that you can call for help, or a colleague that calls to offer you a new job.

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