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Disaster Recovery Week

By Steve Jones, (first published: 2012/12/10)

This week is Disaster Recovery week at SQLServerCentral. All week long we are highlighting the subject of DR in various articles, some of them reprints from the past. We encourage you to share your thoughts and stories as well, to help others understand the challenges and risks of encountering a disaster without any preparation.

There was a large typhoon that hit the Phillipines recently and a large hurricane that caused a number of technology related disasters in the Northeastern United States a little over a month ago. Infrastructure that had withstood a number of events in the past was destroyed and some of it is still not working a month later. There were a number of companies that lost data centers, or had to shut their systems down for a period of time after the storm passed because of improper preparations beforehand.

As the year ends, holidays approach, and many people are planning for the project they will undertake next year, we hope that you will think about your preparations for the various disasters that you might encounter in 2013. These may not be big disasters, like an earthquake or hurricane, but the truncation of a table, or the failure of a hard drive can be a disaster as well.

Preparation, planning, and practice may not eliminate the chance of a disaster, but it can mitigate the effects and reduce the time it takes for you to return systems to service.

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