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Waits and Queues

How many of you have read this article: SQL Server Performance Tuning Using Waits and Queues? (PDF) If you haven't, you might look at a review of the paper from Jeremiah Peschka. There is good advice about which parts to read and which to ignore a decade later. There's an updated version from Paul Randal and SQLSkills as well.

This leads me to where you might expect this week, with a question for you. Do you use waits and queues to troubleshoot? (Survey)

Not every performance problem needs you to dig deeply into the way that the database engine processes your query, but there are no shortage of times when understanding waits and queues can help you determine how to tune your system. This is a well known method of trying to determine where to focus your efforts, so I wonder how many of you have tried this.

If you have, let us know what's worked or what hasn't. If you've never tried this, then drop a quick note as well if you have a reason you haven't used waits and queues.

Performance tuning is a skill everyone needs, and most everyone can work on. This is often one of the most popular topics for talks and classes, and any help you can get will grow your career. Both in your own self confidence as well as impressive to interviewers when you have an answer or a methodology to give when solving any problems you're given.

Steve Jones - SSC Editor

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  Question of the Day

Today's question (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor):


Synonyms for Tables

Which of these can I not create a synonym for in SQL Server 2017?

Think you know the answer? Click here, and find out if you are right.



  Yesterday's Question of the Day (by Steve Jones - SSC Editor)

Database Auditing

I want to audit my SQL Server 2017 instance with the SQL Server Audit feature. I want to audit backup and restore activity for 3 databases. What are the minimum Server Audits and Database Audit Specifications that must I create?

Answer: 1 Server Audit and 3 Database Audit Specifications

Explanation: One Server Audit is needed to contain the audit specifications. Each database needs its own Database Audit Specification. Ref:

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Database Pros Who Need Your Help

Here's a few of the new posts today on the forums. To see more, visit the forums.

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Primary Key and Clustered Index - A topic I always get confused with is primary key vs. clustered index. I have an understanding of what each is and/or is not but I struggle with the application of the two. Suppose I have a table with an account number field in which all account numbers are unique. Is it worth having an […]
odd error message in function in a proc - I have a cursor which has calls a function (sorry for  design this is a 3rd party db).  Odd part is there are 10 rows in the cursor select, only every other row gets updated, next row gets error below.  This happens no matter what the sort order is, one row works, next row errors, […]
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Data Migration Assistant errors - dacpac and openquery failures - Hi all, I am attempting to use DMA to assess an upgrade from 2008 R2 to Asure SQL on VM. Our database has linked servers and many views that use openquery. I'm receiving a lot of errors running DMA. First is 'Failed to extract dacpac at location 'C''. Second is a load of errors like: […]
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Trimming then adding text - Hello I have an output in my queries that gives me: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx : 123456 (xx) - xxxxxxx... or xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx : 123456789 (xx) - xxxxxxx... basically text before either a 6 or 9 digit number then text after I've created a column in a table in SSRS that just shows the number, and I used this […]
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Scalable SSIS Package - Single SSIS package across 50 different projects - Hi All, I have a successfully running SSIS package which has been created for a single project. It works over a pipe-delimited file and pulls the data from the source, and loads it directly into the destination table. For each projects, I am using the same job to execute based on a job execution table. […]
How to make in memory SQL transformations within a data flow task - Hi all, first of all, I am new to Integration Services. I googled everything so far, but I do not find any answers on my question. So I hope anybody of you can help me out :-). Currently, I am migrating an T-SQL ETL process to SSIS to see the benefits in parallel executions and […]
CASE statement headache - Hello I have an output in my queries that gives me: xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx : 123456 (xx) - xxxxxxx... or xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx : 12345678 (xx) - xxxxxxx... or xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx : TEST12345678 (xx) - xxxxxxx... basically text before either a 6 or 8 digit number then text after.   Ideally I'd like to be able to CASE this column so […]


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