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Open transactions on a database

By kyle.eldridge,

Updated 06/03/2013:

-- Added database support to query a specific database.

-- due to this, i have removed mdsd.NAME AS 'Database with open Transaction'

-- Fixed some code which was causing the open transactions to display incorrectly.

-- Fixed the transaction isolation levels to show unspecified, read uncommitted, read committed, repeatable read, serializable and also snapshot.

Initial Release:

This script was produced due to slowness on one of our servers.

The slowness was caused by a transaction which was undetected due to a number of query windows being open.

this script will show you the following:

  • Computer/Host Name
  • Windows Username
  • Database which the transaction is being run from
  • Session ID
  • Number of open transactions
  • Date the query window was first opened.
  • If the query window is a user process or not
  • The transaction isolation level
  • Lock timeout of the query.

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