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Useful Sql Queries

By Ashis Das,

Useful Sql Server Statements

1. Search through Column Name: - Suppose you want to know how many objects have the same column name. You can use this sql statement.

For Sql Server 2000:-
Select * from sysobjects where id in (Select * from Syscolumn where name='ColumnName')
For Sql Server 2005:-
select * from sys.objects where object_id in
(select object_id from sys.columns where name='ColumnName')
2. Search through Query statement: - Suppose you have a query and you want to know if this query is used in which views or which procedure. You can use this sql statement.
Select * from syscomments where name like ('%your Sql Query%')
3. Search constraint used in whole database: -Suppose you want to view all the constraint used in your database. You can use this sql statement.

select pr.name,fr.parent_object_id,fr.name,fr.type_desc from sys.objects pr,
sys.objects Fr where pr.type<>'s'
and pr.object_id=fr.parent_object_id
order by fr.parent_object_id

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