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Index usage overview

By Wilfred van Dijk,

03/21 Updated:

Split the ratio in read/write ratio, several improvements

04/21 Updated:

The main part is now a CTE. This reduces the subtreecost a lot. I was triggered by the Question of the Day ("can a CTE be used in a view")

04/14 Updated:

  1. added columns for seeks,scans and lookups represented as percentage
  2. moved stats_date column one place
  3. only disable command for performance indexes
  4. ratio changed: scans are rated 80%, lookups are rated 120%

04/06: Updated:

  1. negative ratio for non-used indexes


  1. removed sysobjects join

05/05 Updated:

  1. discovered the FILEGROUP_NAME function, removed join
  2. removed join to sysindexes (not used anymore)

02/09/2015 Updated:

  1. changed table prefix in order to display indexinfo regardless of some index usage

Create this view in the specified database and select from this view

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