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Generate C# class code for table

By Cade Bryant,

One of the most tedious parts of developing database-driven application is coding the wrapper classes for your database objects. This is especially true if you are dealing with a database containing a large number of tables, or tables with many columns.

My proc, usp_TableToClass, can make this task much easier and less time-consuming. For any table name passed in as an argument, it generates the complete core of a C# class file corresponding to the table - including a parameterless constructor, private fields, and public properties with getters and setters.

As a very simple example, suppose we have the following table:
FirstName VARCHAR(128),
LastName VARCHAR(128),
Address VARCHAR(256)

By running the following:
EXEC usp_TableToClass 'Contact'

The following class code gets generated:

public class Contact

#region Constructors
public Contact()
#region Private Fields
private string _FirstName;
private string _LastName;
private string _Address;
#region Public Properties
public string FirstName
get { return _FirstName; }
set { _FirstName = value; }
public string LastName
get { return _LastName; }
set { _LastName = value; }
public string Address
get { return _Address; }
set { _Address = value; }

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