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Automate Test Database Restoration

By Mike Kober,

A standard development practice is to have at least 3 databases for Production, Development, and Test. I run full backups daily since the production systems aren't used during the night and full backups run within an adequate time period. This script uses the daily backup and restores a test version of the production backup, overwriting the existing test system.

Change your source database (PES here) to your system, change the paths to your image location. I use the hard drive to store the bak files and simply save them with the tape systems. This way I can automate the restorations much faster than worrying about the tape systems. Lookup your data and log names from SQL Manager and replace the MOVE statements in the restore section.

I had to add the 'BAK' physical device name since this script would also pickup the transaction log backups which isn't what I wanted. You could modify this to include the TX backups, but my full backup is clean at this point so I don't need it.

At the start of every day I have two identical systems, Production and Test. If no one uses Test and some user messes things up in Production, I can compare the two systems to see what they did. If someone did use Test, or more often I'm using it and want to reset the data back to the start, I just run the proc and instantly I have my database reset to the start of the day. Quite nice!

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