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Advice from Aunt Kathi

Kathi Kellenberger is a Sr. Consultant with Pragmatic Works. She is an author, speaker and trainer.

Many speaking engagements!

I have several speaking events coming up, and I would love to see you there!

First of all, I'll be speaking at SQL Saturday #122 in Louisville next week. I will be involved in three sessions: Features of 2012, 2012 T-SQL Features, and the Women in Tech Panel. http://www.sqlsaturday.com/122/eventhome.aspx Louisville… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 11 July 2012

Running a script on multiple servers

 One of my favorite features of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is the ability to run a script on multiple servers at once. This feature came in handy recently when I was installing some maintenance scripts and jobs on about a dozen servers. One of the challenges I faced was… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 2 March 2012

SQL Saturday #87 Report

 I drove the over 250 miles from my home in Edwardsville, IL, to attend the SQL Server 87 in Louisville, KY. Even though I am not a fan of driving, the beautiful fall day with lots of colorful trees made the drive more of a pleasure than it might have… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 2 November 2011

PASS Summit, more people and lots of newbies!

Once again I am back at home recovering from another PASS Summit.  This year the attendance has exceeded all expectations with over 5000 registrations.  I don’t have the numbers from past years, but I it doesn’t seem that long ago when that number was closer to 2500.  I began to… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 16 October 2011

SQL Saturday #91

This weekend I attended my 5th SQL Saturday, SQL Saturday #91 in Omaha.  Every SQL Saturday I have attended has been fantastic, but each is unique in its own way.  If I had to come up with one word to describe this particular SQL Saturday, then I would say “smooth.” Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 28 August 2011

PASS Prof Dev Blog

In case you hadn't noticed, PASS has a number of virtual chapters. Many of the virtual chapters broadcast LiveMeetings about once a month on topics related to their special interest. This is just one more way that PASS supports the amazing SQL Server community with free technical content from the best… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 20 March 2011

SQL Saturday #45 Report

This past weekend I attended another SQL Saturday. This one was held in Louisville, KY.  Malathi Mahadevan and her volunteers put on a fantastic, well organized event.  There were four tracks with a total of 24 technical presentations.

This particular SQL Saturday is an example of just how impressive a… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 23 January 2011

PASS Summit Report 3: Women in Technology Rock!

Last year I was honored to be a member of the Women in Technology (WIT) Panel at the PASS Summit. This was a very big deal for me and one of the best experiences I have had at the Summit. My dear friend Jessica Moss was also on the panel.… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 17 November 2010

PASS Summit Report 2: Seattle Again?

There is always a lot of talk about the fact that we have been in Seattle several years in a row and why can’t the Summit move around more. I really think it needs to stay in Seattle. At the board member meet and greet Thursday evening, Microsoft's Mark Souza… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 16 November 2010

PASS Report 1: Why you should have been there!

PASS Summit 2010 is now history.  This is my eighth summit but the first one since leaving the DBA world and joining Microsoft. This summit ranks as either number one or number two for me personally. The 2006 Summit is high on my list as that is the first year… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 15 November 2010

SQL Saturday #49 report

This past Saturday, I spent the day at SQL Saturday #49 in sunny Orlando. Since Orlando is way out of my district, I had to pick up the travel costs for this one.  I decided to wrap a Disney vacation around the event, and otherwise, I would not have attended.… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 18 October 2010

SQL Saturday #53 review

The KC PASS chapter has successfully executed the latest SQL Saturday.  Thanks to all the organizers and volunteers for a wonderful event! The amazing thing about SQL Saturday is that it gives the local attendees a taste of the PASS Summit without traveling or spending any money, save a few… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 3 October 2010

SQLSaturday #50 Report

I attended my first SQLSaturday yesterday in Iowa City, Iowa.  I spoke on two topics: “What’s New with Reporting Services” and “Designing a Data Mart 101.” I also was a member of the Women in Technology (WIT) panel – more about that later.

First of all, congratulations to the organizers… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 19 September 2010


Can you believe that I have never attended a SQLSaturday (http://www.sqlsaturday.com)?  Well, that is changing very soon. You will see me at SQLSaturday #50 in East Iowa September 18th, #53 in Kansas City October 2nd, and #49 in Orlando October 16th! Wow! 

Why would you want to attend SQLSaturday? Well, the price… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 8 September 2010

PASS Pre/Post Con Selections

One of my favorite people in the SQL community, Andy Leonard, posted a blog criticizing the selection process for the pre and post cons at PASS. http://sqlblog.com/blogs/andy_leonard/archive/2010/05/30/pre-conference-sessions-at-the-pass-summit.aspx . Andy says, hey why don't they just make it by invitation only since that what they will do anyway?

I disagree. As someone… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 31 May 2010


 What would get over 400 techies to give up a beautiful Saturday and spend the day inside learning about SQL Server and .Net? It was the IndyTechFest held in Indianapolis yesterday! Brad McGehee, Jessica Moss, Kevin Kline, Jimmy May, and I joined several other MVPs, Microsoft employees, and local experts… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 23 May 2010


If you follow me on Twitter or are my friend on Facebook, you might already know the news. I am joining Microsoft next week as a Data Technology Specialist in St. Louis. It was really hard to leave my job as a DBA at Bryan Cave. Bryan Cave was my world for… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 29 April 2010

MVP Summit Review

I was lucky enough to attend the MVP Summit held last week in Redmond and Bellevue. I attended the Summit in 2008, but had to miss 2009 because I couldn't get away from work. The cool thing about this Summit was the number of my friends attending that I know from… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 23 February 2010

T-SQL Speed Phreakery Explained

If you haven't seen the Simple-Talk newsletter (it's free, so sign up!) you may not have seen my article on their site. http://www.simple-talk.com/sql/performance/writing-efficient-sql-set-based-speed-phreakery/  Writing this article has been probably the most fun I have had writing. Basically, I had to take the winning solution to a T-SQL programming challenge… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 8 February 2010

PASS 2009 DVDs

I was really excited when my PASS DVDs arrived last week. I had purchased the DVDs (or maybe CDs) back in 2003 or 2004, and the quality was just not very good. So, this is the first time since then that I actually decided to buy the DVDs in addition… Read more

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Posted in Advice from Aunt Kathi on 5 February 2010

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